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Ancient prayer to the Virgen del Carmen, supplication for difficult times

Prayer to the Virgin of Carmen

From the hands of Ramón Ángel Jara this prayer directed towards the Virgin of Carmen, mother and protector of sailors, reaches the world.

To this saint that we recently celebrated on her feast on July 16, we come to pay her gratefully through this prayer for all the favors granted, from which we will endeavor to have deserved her grace.

In his name we give ourselves to God, holding up that faith saves and consoles and that we believe that there is no greater good in this world than the performance of acts of kindness and detachment.

In order to bring to others what we have, to share with them the happiness that we enjoy through the intercession of Almighty God.

Powerful prayer for the Virgen del Carmen, begging for your protection

Nuestra Señora del Carmen
Image of Our Lady of Carmen

O Most Holy Virgin of Carmen!

Filled with the most tender confidence as children who come to the heart of their mother, we come to implore once again the treasures of mercy that you have always given us with such care.

We humbly acknowledge that one of the greatest benefits that God has granted to our country has been to point out to you our special advocate, protector and queen.

That is why we cry out to you in all our dangers and needs, sure of being benignly listened to.

You are the Mother of divine grace, keep our souls pure;

Your you are the mighty tower of David, defend the honor and freedom of our nation;

You are the refuge of sinners, break the chains of the slaves of error and vice;

You are the comfort of the afflicted, succor the widows, the orphans and the helpless;

Your sois the help of Christians, preserve our faith and protect our Church, especially its Bishops, priests and religious.

From the throne of your glory heed our supplications, oh Mother of Carmel!

Open your cloak and cover with it this Republic of Chile, whose flag you are the luminous star.

We ask you the success for the magistrates, legislators and judges; peace and piety for marriages and families; the holy fear of God for teachers; innocence for children; and for the youth, a Christian education.

Remove earthquakes, fires and epidemics from our cities; Keep storms away from our seas and give abundance to our fields and mountains.añas.

Be the shield of our warriors, the beacon of our sailors and the shelter of the absent and travelers.

Be the remedy for the sick, the fortress of troubled souls, the special protector of the dying, and the redeemer of the souls in Purgatory.

Hear us then, Most Merciful Queen and Mother!

And make sure that living united in life by the confession of the same faith and the practice of the same love to the Divine Heart of Jesus, we can be transferred from this earthly homeland to the immortal homeland of heaven, where we will praise and bless you for the centuries of centuries.


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