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The Most Powerful Prayer to the Seven African Powers of Santeria

Seven candles lit in offering to the seven African powers

The Seven African Powers They are made up of the deities that lead the cult of the Yoruba Pantheon and are syncretized with different Catholic saints in the Santeria or Rule of Osha.

Who make up the 7 African Powers?

Let us remember that as a result of syncretism and transculturation, Afro-Cuban culture is a mixture of African religions with Catholicism, therefore deities of both religions merge into a single cult.

The 7 African powers and religious syncretism:

  1. Fort Shango god of fire, in syncretization is Santa Barbara (Christian martyr).
  2. The sweet Oshún Owner of rivers, honey and love, is Our Lady of Charity of Copper (Patroness of Cuba).
  3. The Orisha Yemayá the owner of the sea, is the Virgin of Regla (Marian invocation).
  4. Father Obatalá the father of all men on earth, is Our Lady of Mercedes (Marian invocation).
  5. The mighty Oggún owner of iron and mountains, is San Pedro.
  6. The fortune teller Orula who knows the present, the past and the future, is Saint Francis of Assisi.
  7. The protector Eleggúa the owner of all the paths of life, he has several comparisons: Santo Niño de Atocha, San Antonio de Padua, Ánima Sola.

What are we asking for when we pray to the Seven Powers?

As you pray to the seven African powers, we are asking patience, peace and quiet a Obatala; protection for our children born or to be born to the great mother Yemaya; and love, prosperity and abundance to the queen Oshun so that it is never missing.

A Shango Strength and courage are asked to be able to face our enemies and all the problems that arise in our life, to orula wisdom and knowledge to make the right decisions and open the doors of the present, the past and the future.

A Oggun, owner of iron, that gives us strength and impetus to face any type of situation, Eleggua, the little giant of Osha, we ask you to clear our path, clarify our destiny and open all the doors and remove the obstacles.

Prayer of great power to invoke the Seven African Powers and ask for their holy protection:

Oh, Seven Powers who are around the Holy One among the holy ones!

I humbly kneel before your miraculous painting, to implore your intercession before God.

Loving Father, you protect all creation, animate and inanimate, and I ask you, in the name of the most sacred and sweet name of Jesus, to grant my request and give me peace of mind and material prosperity, moving away from my house and removing from my step the pitfalls that are the cause of my ills, without ever being able to return to torment me.

My heart tells me that my request is fair, and if you agree to it, añaYou will say more glory to the blessed name for ever and ever of our Lord God, from whom we have received the promise to ask and it will be given to you.

So be it in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!

Listen to me, Chango!

Listen to me, Ochún!

Take care of me, Yemallá!

Look at me with good eyes, Obatala!

Don't abandon me, Ogun!

Be auspicious, Orula!

Intercede for me, Eleguá!

Grant me what I ask of you through the intercession of the Seven African Powers! Oh, Holy Christ of Olofi. For ever and ever be blessed. Amen.

Make your request. Cross yourself.

religious print with the image of the seven African powers
Religious print with the image of the seven African powers
religious print with prayer of the seven African powers
Religious print with prayer of the seven African powers

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Everything you need to know about the 7 African Powers:

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