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The 14 holy helpers What is their prayer and from what pain do they protect us?

Prayer to the 14 Holy Helpers

The helper or auxiliary saints they are collectively famous for their miraculous intercession.

It is said that its history records the worst moment that Europe lived, in the middle of the XNUMXth century, when the Black Death ravaged cities and fields and Christians constantly prayed to God to free them from that deadly disease that took millions of lives.

Many were the devotees who raised their voices and prayed to a group of venerated saints for their miraculous intervention.

Thus, they invoked them collectively, as a group that eventually came to be known as the "Fourteen Holy Helpers".

Each one of the Holy Helpers was chosen specifically for their patronage and they were añajoined the list to create a kind of group of immense spiritual power. They say that until today, the saints always respond to the invocations addressed to them by the faithful.

Today, in some places the "Day of the Fourteen Holy Helpers" is celebrated on the same date, which is recognized on August 8.

These are the 14 Holy Helpers of the Catholic Church:

HolyPain, disease and evil of the body from which it protects
1San acacioinvoked against headaches and migrationaña
2Santa Barbarahe is begged against fever and sudden death. He is also prayed for protection against thunderstorms.
3San Blasinvoked against sore throats and choking of the respiratory system
4Saint Catherine of Alexandriait is invoked against sudden death.
5San Cristobalhe is implored to intercede against the bubonic plague.
6San Ciriacoinvoked against temptation at the time of death.
7Saint DenisYou are asked for your help against headaches.
8St erasmusinvoked against intestinal diseases.
9Saint EustaceYou are asked to help with family disputes and the anguish they cause.
10San Jorgeinvoked to get the healing of pets
11SYou are begged against the plague and to make a good confession.
12Saint MargaritaThis saint is invoked during childbirth and problems that are presented to pregnant women.
13San Pantaleonit is invoked by physicians for healing.
14San Vitoinvoked against epilepsy.

The Fourteen Holy Helpers They are venerated by the Catholic Church as effective intercessors against the most diverse diseases, due to the legend that associates them with the cure of the Black Death.

Prayer to the 14 Holy Helpers to ward off enemies, bad luck, ruin and envy:

14 auxiliary saints

This is the prayer to invoke together, the 14 holy helpers, saints who intercede in general before the ills of the body, diseases and pains that they face:

Humble and merciful holy helpers, counselors and ministers of this world, under the supreme authority of the eternal father god son and god holy spirit, send us a reflection of your heavenly light, as you commanded that repentant perverse who gave bread to the poor made coal ;

like Cipriano and Justina for their wickedness and sorcery; like the Magdalene for her debauchery, like Saint Dimas for sympathizing with our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross;

like Veronica, for drying her face when our Lord Jesus Christ was invalid on the holy cross and I hope in you for my repentance, which I also propose for the holy cross, I hope you clean the doors of my house like the souls that go to heaven , and among them mine:

to you, eternal father, I recognize and venerate all the good Christians, grace of the earth, and likewise I ask you to reject from me every visible and invisible enemy that obstructs my path along this path, where I am going to fulfill the mission of this honest person, who is the bread in demand of work and the sweat of my brow;

and I hope in you Santa Barbara, that all ferocity and unjust betrayal that is plotted against me, awaits her at the tip of your heavenly sword. and apart from my surroundings, the misery that my envious enemies throw at my doors to disturb my health and my good grace that God has given me, let the bad come out and enter the grace of God;

engage the San Miguel guard and reject the light that always succumbs under your feet; dominates that evil tongue as Santa Maria dominated the evil beasts, come this way my guardian angel,

God ahead, health behind, my luck wherever I arrive, this will suffice; If I work I look, I will find work; If something is lost, I will entrust myself to San Antonio, that three creeds I will pray that what I want I will see very soon.

Father, son and holy spirit, and three creeds to the Holy Trinity and one our father. Amen.

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