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To the Spirits of Good Fortune we dedicate a prayer to enlighten us

Prayer to the spirits of good fortune

When we feel stagnant, in bad patches and with closed paths, we must activate our spiritual side and entrust ourselves to the power of the protective spirits, guardian angels and other spiritual guides that accompany us.añan.

It is very important that we have a lot of faith and trust in these beings of light, who illuminate the good paths and help us make decisions in life.

For this we must also assist and care for them, to give them light and rise, thus allowing them to intercede for us with peace, clarity and luck.

The spirits are miraculous and merciful, do not doubt the power of their energy, ask them from the heart what you need and they will entrust you on the right track.

Before doing the prayer, do some cleaning at home:

  • Light a white candle in the name of your protective spirits and if you wish, place some coins next to it, as a symbol of the attraction of abundance.
  • Light some sweet incense, place it in a place in the house where energies flow best, a clean and organized space.
  • Make an incense of rue and rosemary, two powerful plants that together drive away all evil from our home or business. It goes through all the spaces with its essence, especially the corners.

If you want to know other powerful cleanses, click here to know its procedures.

Prayer to the Spirits of Good Fortune to illuminate the good paths

O beneficent Spirits of Fortune, good and charitable spirits that protect us
Spirits that fill our homes with good luck and help us so that all our assets increase, I open the doors of my house with enthusiasm and I invoke you with affection and trust so that with your presence you give me the blessing.

Fill me with joy and happiness of progress and success in everything I propose, that my investments work perfectly and that good luck be my ally.

Make my bets correct and my numbers win, that I receive considerable prizes in games of chance and thus get all the money I need
to get out of so much narrowness and need and manage to pay my debts with ease, because the payments press me and my economy has reached bottom.

Make sure that my finances are healthy and that my life and that of my loved ones
be comfortable and calm so that I can sleep in peace and day by day is more comfortable for me and these pressing moments of ruins and despair remain forever in the memory.

Spirits of Fortune, spirits of good luck, drive away all bad vibrations, all negative things, all bad shadows, misfortune and misfortune, send out all evil and whatever enemy I have so that they can free me from all impediments and misfortune everything good can come to me. and positive and good luck and good fortune remain by my side.

Guide me so that I know how to bet well and get a rewarding prize that is enough for everything I need.

Grant me the good sense and wisdom not to waste and that I know how to manage well everything I receive brings health and happiness to the doors of my house, fill me with good fortune and abundance
so that I can carry out my projects and everything that I now dream of and have in mind so that I can see my wishes fulfilled.

I know that money is not the main thing but my needs are extreme, that that extra money that I need so much enters my home and it is urgent for me to get to alleviate this difficult situation of deficiencies and be able to face everything I owe and that even Now, no matter how hard I have tried, it has been impossible for me to have it with the few means I have.

I have confidence in you kind Spirits of Fortune fill me with abundance and prosperity and receive my gratitude through the candles that I will light to light the roads.

So be it.

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