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A powerful prayer to the Protecting Spirits to give light and thank

Prayer to the protective spirits

The spirit guides and protectors are those beings that accompany us.añan in every step of our earthly existence.

From the very day we are born our ancestors, our guardian angel and other beings with whom we are astrally connected, accompanied usañan to give us protection.

We must attend to these spirits, give them light so that from their astrality they always teach us the way to follow, giving us wisdom to make good decisions and intuition to find our purpose and destiny on earth.

Among these attentions that we can offer to our protective spirit are prayers, a direct link to connect with the energy and power of the spirits.

Did you know this beautiful prayer dedicated to the Protecting Spirit?

By lighting a white candle, in a quiet place where we feel peace, we begin this beautiful prayer dedicated to every protective spirit that guides your life.

Thank you, dear protective spirit for being by my side in the hard moments in which my heart becomes dull and sad.

I have to tell you how much you need me to be able to finish my task here on Earth.

Without your invaluable help, I could never carry out what I came to do.

Your presence, although subtle and sublime, helps me to counteract difficult moments that appear to me throughout my life.

How many times have I forgotten about you; How many times have you silently guided me to the right path, making me aware of the dangers. 

How many calls for attention, how many possibilities to learn without pain, and in the end it is the pain that ends up teaching me. And all for not wanting to listen to you, to feel you. 

you what habitas in the silences, You who are always by my side, You who correct my deviations, You who generate true waves of love, You who watch over me always, at every moment.

How much divine mercy, how much love on the part of the Father, for designating us such a friend and companion for our journey, here in the matter.

What a great pain it would be not to have you. How difficult it would be to walk without your shadow, without your silent words full of true knowledge and wisdom.

And all to make my life easier, more bearable.

And I, unaware of me, who have strayed so far from your presence that I have forgotten it.

Forgive me dear friend, and give me enough strength to understand your messages from beyond, from your silences.

And allow me to embrace you from the depths of my soul and merge with yours that is free.

You who with your waves generate in me effluvia of happiness and sensitivity towards life, towards my fellow men.

You who walk by my side since time immemorial and who give me what I cannot find on this Earth.

Excuse my clumsiness and my ignorance towards you and towards life.

Help me to understand you, to discover you there in the shadows in which I haveabitaIt is hidden from my physical eyes and thus, learn every moment of your wise teachings, to climb one more step in the great Law of Evolution.

Today, at this moment I acclaim you, I need you so that sadness does not make a dent in my soul, and with your help, the light penetrates my heart, my mind, and thus be able to glimpse what you are trying to tell me and teach me.

Thank you for your love and your dedication.

Thank you for being by my side for hundreds of years. You are my support, my staff to lean on, when life becomes full of difficulties.

 Thank you dear protective spirit.

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