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A prayer to the Jimaguas Ibeyis to ask for Good Luck and Prosperity

Prayer to the Jimaguas Ibeyis

The Ibeyis or Jimaguas are minor Orishas in the Yoruba religion of great power. They personify fortune, luck and abundance. They are able to save from death, evil and dark influences.

They are found on the paths of the mountains, and from there with their energy they protect the walkers. One of the most important symbols of the Ibeyis are the magic drums, with which they defeated the Devil Abita.

The Ibeyis can help us overcome bad spells in life, we ask them for luck and fortune and protection, especially for the little ones at home.

They are deities that ward off evil and bring prosperity and abundance to the lives of men on earth.

What powers do the powerful Ibeyis Twins represent in the Osha?

Its name comes from the Yorùbá Ibèyí which means "contains two" (Igbó: contains, Meyi: two).

According to Yoruba legends, they saved the men with the magic drums that Yemayá gave them, defeating Olosí, considered an evil deity like the devil. They also saved the father of the world Obbatalá in Dahomey.

They receive different names in the Yoruba pantheon, among them the best known are Taewó and Kaindé.

They can be represented by three combinations of figures, one female and one male, two male or two female, and they are children of the Orishas Shango and Oshún but raised by Yemayá.

These sacred deities habitan in two small jars due to their children's figure, one decorated in red and white and the other in white and blue, colors that represent them.

In religion it is believed that twins above all should show devotion to them for their entire lives, so that they protect and guide them.

They greet each other with great respect saying Ibeyi oro alakúa oyé oyé mojojó!

The Ibeyis syncretize in the Catholic religion with San Cosme and San Damián patrons of doctors. Like the Ibeyis, these saints personify everything good, health, luck in life and prosperity and their story tells that they were able to save also from death with their gifts.

Thus we pray to the Jimaguas Ibeyis to ask them to open the good paths for us:

We also pray to the Ibeyis when we go through bad times and we think there is no hope.

We turn to them so that they give us the strength to move forward and open for us the doors of luck and good energy.

Always with great faith we choose a quiet time for prayer, we can light a white candle and with great sincerity and heart we make our request.

Jimaguas Ibeyis, mighty Orishas, ​​warriors who battle against evil

Protectors of men and grantors of luck and good destiny

Divine Children, you who know the future and carry with the sound of your drums sorrows and afflictions

You who bring happiness, luck, bliss, money and fortune

Hear me and guide me on better paths, and alleviate the sadness that nests in my chest

Wise and brave Ibeyis, the darlings of the Yoruba pantheon, listen to this devotee and allow him to get out of this bad streak and advance in life

Grant me better luck and happiness in my future, so that my children and my loved ones will never lack anything

Divine twins, illuminate my path and advise me, remove difficulties and obstacles from me and my family

Allow happiness to enter my home hand in hand with luck, health, love and bliss

Give me strength, my Orishas, ​​to carry out any project and succeed, obtaining success and employment benefits

Ibeyis do not abandon me, nor abandon me in the middle of the road

Protect me to continue moving forward through life happy and safe

Thank you, Ibeyis for blessing my days and enlightening my steps on the path of life

So be it, ashe.

A powerful offering that you can make on behalf of the Jimaguas:

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