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Prayers in Lucumí to invoke the Jimaguas Ibeyis

Prayer to the Jimaguas

This September 26 we entertain the Ibeyis, Jimaguas miraculous fortune. We pray to them to overcome bad spells in life, and we ask for protection for the smallest of the house, since the Ibeyis personify the protection of infants as well as good fortune and abundance.

In their union, they are able to save from everything bad, protect walkers and are lookouts for everything that happens on the roads. They alert and anticipate that curses do not come to our lives.  

In their day we must celebrate the twin Orishas with respect and faith, as they rule the fate of our destiny and remove what can harm us. The Jimaguas must be shown devotion throughout life, so that they protect us and guide us along the path of life.

Prayers and gratitude to the Jimaguas

The Ibeyis are exceptionally powerful, as they can divine the future, stop or cause the rain, eliminate ailments, and bring luck, happiness, money, and fortune.

That is why it is so necessary to show them all our respect and devotion on their day, and pray to them in a quiet and secluded place, in front of a preferably white candle.

There we talk to them about our fears and our desires and we invoke them to help us overcome difficulties and to bring us fortune and better luck.

Also on their day we offer them sweets and sweets. They adore fruits such as mamey de Santo Domingo, canistel, guava, sugar apple, soursop, orange, mango, pineapple, platanillo, mamoncillo and also foods such as yellow rice and corn roses.

With this prayer translated from the Lucumi language, to invoke the Ibeyis let us ask in their name for health and luck for our lives.

I pray in Lucumí:

Ibeyi oro awa keke sugboa agba nitoriti otan kuelu na choro trembles / a / ye and / Ya ogun si na ebita kiko yiofé ri mayi kueye sugbon ba si kaide ati itawo meyi na keke ati agba na ibeyi wa ologo afefe ibeyi ke waile elewe wile alakisa, baba aye nijin labi gbogbo chire odukue si Ibeyi

Translation of the sentence into Spanish:

Let us remember that translations can lose meaning in the Spanish language, since they are translated from languages ​​that were affected by the process of transculturation on the island.

The Jimaguas express, we young but older, because we ended the difficulty in which the world was. We won the war against the devil who did not want two to meet, but he found the youngest and the oldest of the Jimaguas, where the Jimaguas are glorious, seeing how the Jimaguas do not go to the house of the rich, they go to the house of the poor, they find joy first. All games are born here thanks to the Jimaguas.

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