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Prayers to Naná Burukú: The Guardian who protects between life and death

Prayer to Naná Burukú

Naná Burukú is a major Orisha of the Yoruba pantheon, whose cult has been in decline, since it has been considered in different ways by the descendants of the Aará and Yoruba tribes. However, this Orisha grandmother has immense ancient powers.  

The Arara origin cult considers her to be the Mother of Babalu Aye or San Lázaro, or even one of its paths. She is the Ancient Orisha, powerful, mysterious and terrible who lives in the form of majá, in rivers, springs and cañabe brave

In the Yoruba religion it can be invoked through nature, in springs, lagoons, wells and the mouths of rivers, although it is believed that on Holy Saturdays it can be called even in wells.

Naná is the Mother of Sweet Waters, but also from the muddy waters of the swamps. In Cuba, his cult is mainly present in Oriente, Las Villas, Matanzas and the area of ​​El Cotorro, in Havana.

The cult of Yoruba origin considers her Mother of God and Grandmother of all Obatalas. It is represented by an isosceles triangle to which plaster and tobacco smoke are applied and like Obatalá, it has feminine and masculine characteristics.

Naná is associated with both the beginning and the end and thus, it is said that she is a mother and death at the same time, in a cycle in which life is possible thanks to death.

For this reason, she is the guardian of the door between life and death, and watches over the transition to the afterlife. His name translates as: Naná (great mother or grandmother) and Burukú (evil).

Prayer to Naná Burukú to request her protection and protection

Prayers for Naná Burukú

To say the prayer to Nana Burukú, we must do it in a quiet place and feel the prayers with great faith, taking care not to offend the powerful Orisha because she does not like to be bothered in vain.

We ask her for spiritual protection, comfort and discernment to make the right choice. We can also implore him to preserve our love.

Let us remember that his energy and Ashé habita In nature, we can look for Nana Burukú and invoke her in the springs and near the swamps and lagoons. But we can also pray to her before a simple altar by placing a light pink candle in her name, asking for the support and protection of the powerful Elder.

Let us remember that Naná likes the offerings of goat, chicken, pigeon, chicken, banana, duck and pig.

This is the prayer to Nana Burukú to ask for her holy protection:

Oh! My mother, Nana, I ask for the blessing and protection of all my steps.

I ask my holy Nana, protector, to bless my heart, head, body and spirit.

May the powers that are given only to the Lady of the Ladies be more charitable and benevolent, since they hide me from my hidden and powerful enemies.

My dear Mother and Lady, have compassion on my heart, to always deserve love in my choices and paths.

To my mother, Orisha Nana, I dedicate my faith and my words.

Hail Nana! Hail Nana! Hail Nana!

Let us ask Grandma Orisha with this prayer for serenity and calm:

Naná can also help us make good decisions in life and find the best way. So we pray to him for discernment and calm:

Oh! My mother orisha Nana of the springs. Lady Orisha of life renewal and calm.

Lady Mother of all creation. Orisha of the still waters. Mother of spiritual and intellectual wisdom!

Give me, Holy Lady Nana, the calm necessary to wait patiently for the right moment to make decisions. May your light neutralize all negative forces around me!

My mother, Nana, give me serenity and knowledge. Make me a blessed child in the ways of peace, love and prosperity. Please guide me in the opposite direction of the storm, be careful when I need my helplessness.

God save Nana Burukú! Mother Orisha!

This is the Prayer that we dedicate to Nana Burukú so that she may give us health:

Nana-Buruku, divine mother,

the one that lights up the sky at night,

divine mother of the sick

look at me with compassion.

Don't let my body get sick

don't let any of my organs

deteriorate, get out of my body

malignant tumors, curses

what are the cause of the unhappiness of humans.

A Divine, let this candle

that today I am turning on the shield

to protect my health.

Keep my body healthy

may my spirit be happy forever.

I thank the Divine mother,

mother of all the days of my life.

Thank you, thank you my mother Nana Buruku.

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