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Prayers to Obatalá in the Yoruba and Lucumí languages ​​to invoke him and give thanks

Prayer to Obatala in Yoruba

ObatalaHe is the loving and attentive father, who will help those who are in trouble in the best possible way. We pay special tribute and devotion to this Orisha on September 24, day of the Virgen de las Mercedes, who represents it in the Catholic religion.

During this day, the devotees should pray to him from their deepest faith and respect, that they continue with us his eternal blessings and intercede for our good in the face of the dangers of life.

This is how we celebrate Obatalá, Orisha, father of all children on earth, creator of human beings and of everything that hasabita on the planet, the one who brings intelligence, peace and calm to the world.

How to pray to Obatala?

Obbatalá must be attended to and prayed correctly bañado and clean, because it does not tolerate dirt and likes purity and hygiene.

Thus properly dressed, preferably in white in his honor, we must find a quiet place and light a white candle dedicated to the elderly Orisha father.

In this way we will establish a good communication with him and we will be able to tell him about our life, thank him for his blessings and ask him to continue accompanying us.añaing.

The prayers to Obbatalá are originally made in the Lukumí language or, failing that, in Yoruba, which were the languages ​​that our slave ancestors used to pray to their deities. And many are those who today invoke him and thank him in these sacred languages, trusting in tradition and devotion.

Prayer to Obbatalá in Lukumí:

Iba Obatala, Iba Oba Igbo, Iba Oba, N'le ifon, O fi koko ala rumo

Òrìsà ni ma sin. Òrìsà ni ma sin. Òrìsà ni ma sin.

Obatala or his n'un àlà. Obatala or ji n'un àlà. Obatala or tinu ala dide. A-di-ni boitti, Mo juba. Roast.

Meaning of the Prayer in Spanish:

Obatala King of purity, I salute you; The Owner of all the White Fabrics, I ask for your complete protection, and blessing for me.

I praise you Obatala, I praise the King of the great and sacred grove, I praise the King of all Heavens, I salute the only owner of the White Cloths.

You are the owner of the White Light, which I serve.

You are the Orisha whom I serve. The Owner of the White Light whom I follow.

Obatala Orisha who sleeps in white.

Obatalá Orisha who awakens in white.

Obatalá is in everything white.

He is the one who creates everything according to his complete will, I give him my respect. Ashé.

This prayer is also said to Obatalá in Yoruba, a language that establishes a connection between the devotees and the Orishas, ​​as long as we pray with great faith and give thanks.

Prayer to Obatala in Yoruba:

A dake sirisiri da eni li ejo. Oba bi eye gbogbo bi odun

Osagiyan jagun or fi irungbon se pepe enu, A ji igba asa

Wing, wing. Niki, niki omi panpe ode orun

Lasiko fun ni li ala mun mi ala mu so ko

O hard lehin bear tito, Oro oko abuke

Ti opa osoro, Ori sa Olu Ifon

O se ohun gbogbo neither fun fun nor funfun. Pirlodi aka ti oke

Ajaguna wa gba mi, O ajaguna. Stay tuned. Roast.

Prayer translated into Spanish:

Great spirit, powerful king of Ejigbo, brings silence in the judgment, judge of peace and tranquility.

The only king who flies the days in big parties, owner of all the white and shiny fabrics.

King of the chains of the Court, the only one who is behind people who are pure and tell the truth.

Sole producer of empires, great warrior of Osagiyan, you shine with your elegant white beard.

One day you woke up to create the 200 customs that help civilize all people. Great King of Ifon.

Grant me the great white cloth, make it my property.

Unique spirit that makes things pure and white, you are tall as a barn, tall as the great hills.

I give myself to you, the only king who leans on a great white metal staff

So be it.

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