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2 Very beautiful prayers to Baba Obatala to open the good paths

Prayer to Obatala to open paths

Obatalá is more than a fatherIt is an energy so superior to our understanding that it envelops us in a powerful, neat, fair, peaceful and calm protective cloak.

In the Yoruba pantheon, Obatalá is the guiding father, the leader of orishas and of men on earth.

His light directs the path of truth, so that men reach their destiny, their purpose of life and being.

The existence of this white king gives us hope, tranquility, wisdom, with his advice he guides the tormented, the court, the needy, to give him strength, firmness and conviction in each of his steps.

How to ask the beautiful father Obatala?

When we want to invoke the father orisha we light a white candle, in a place full of peace, where the sounds of nature abound, where the earth speaks to us.

We can also honor him in a place in our home, we just have to put peace in our hearts, and speak with faith, speak from the truth, without lies, ego and deception.

Obatalá is a vigilante, he does not tolerate disrespect or any kind of curse when things go wrong for us.

We must be patient and humble, and Baba Obatalá provides that strength to wisely make better decisions to open good paths.

1. A powerful prayer to Obatala to beg for his goodness

Great Orisha, on this day I ask you for strength and wisdom.

Make me look at the world with eyes of love; be patient, understanding and prudent.

The Lord of purity, close my ears to slander and guard my tongue from evil.

May I be happy, practice kindness and may all who come to me feel your presence and your peace.

And if and Baba: Epà bàbá Obatalá. Ashé!

2. Do you know this beautiful prayer to Obatala to ask for protection?

I call you king of kings, your kingdom is heaven.

Your glory, hope; faith and charity, your goodness,

Father of all saints, father of all that is good, of all that is white.

Your emblem is peace.

Give me wisdom to understand what cannot be understood. 

Give me the right word for whoever wants to hear it.

Give me patience and resignation, to be able to overcome any pain.

Give me peace of mind when anger wants to be my counselor and friend.

Give me your blessing to bear haughtiness, what my karma has destined for me,

Because I was the one who created it or let it be created.

Because only I can fix it and no one else, even if I wanted to.

Because the prize reserved for me will be what I deserve and no other.

Father Obatalá, take care of me and everyone night and day, awake or while I sleep.

I trust your mantle, your protective mantle; I trust in your power, sovereign redeemer.

When invoking the orisha we can offer to entertain him:

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