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We pray with a Prayer to Obatalá, open the paths of prosperity

Prayer to Obatala to open the roads and prosperity

Beloved Obatala, you who are a pious and merciful deity, open my ways so that the darkness leaves my life and prosperity arrives.

Give me wealth and abundance so that I can overcome all my financial problems, since you know perfectly well that I am not asking you for being greedy.

In the same way, enlighten me so that I can come out of the valley of sadness and protect me so that nothing and no one hurts me. Please become my faithful guardian.

Blessed Obatala, grant me the grace of alcAnzar fortune and free me from any evil that seeks to generate misfortunes or misfortunes. Amen.

Its natural temple is the mountainaña and all the elevations of the earth, there he lives and even there his children and devotees can go to thank him for his blessings and pray to him in the sacred peace of nature.

You can also choose a quiet place in your home and by the light of a white candle, ask him from the heart for all that you long for, but not without first thanking him and asking for his holy blessing.

Why do we entrust ourselves to Father Orisha Obatalá?

We beg you with faith with this prayer to Obatala to open the roads and attract prosperity because it is he, the Orisha father, ruler of the Earth and counselor of all his children.

He is an older Orisha who belongs to the Yoruba pantheon and as the Yoruba Patakíes say, he was responsible for creating the earth and the one who was in charge of sculpting the human.

Obbatalá is seen many times as an elderly patient, always surrounded by the color white, as a pure and luminous deity par excellence, adviser and merciful.

This quality of his is related to his name, which comes from Yoruba Obbatalá and means King of purity.

10 Qualities of Obatala that define his great power in Osha:

  1. He is the owner of everything white, king of all people's heads, and is closely related to the thoughts and dreams of each one. He likes everything clean, white and neat.
  2. White and pure are the words that represent the one who is also considered the father of all the children of the earth.
  3. He was in charge of creating humans and all other living beings that habitan on the planet.
  4. Obbatalá is a representation of Olofin, one of his avatars who descended to Earth as an Irunmole, a being of energy.
  5. In the Yoruba religion he is united with the supreme creators Olofin and Oloddumare, these deities created the universe and the earth, and when they came down, they entrusted Obatala with the task of creating everything that was capable of giving life.
  6. He was also commissioned to rule over the entire planet, to be able to do good and maintain peace and harmony in that world that had been created.
  7. He is a powerful ruling deity on earth, where he brings mercy, peace and harmony and patiently listens to the ideas and concerns of all his children.
  8. Obbatalá is one of the most respected Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon even among the other deities.
  9. His power is immense and while he can be a patient parent, he can also be a spiteful deity if offended.

When Obatala was creating life on earth, he also did pride, anger, despotism and greed.

For this reason, all his children must respect him and always behave obediently in his presence.

  1. In the Yoruba religion it is believed that Obatalá reincarnated 24 times, and is a deity capable of having different paths, both male and female.

His Ashé, energy and power can intercede for any of his children, who invoke him to act as a lawyer before Olofin and Oloddumare.

It is important know what does not allow anyone to undress in front of him or to use harsh, offensive or lustful words.

When we pray to Father Orisha we can invoke him with offerings:

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