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Prayers to Obatala for tranquility and spiritual peace

Prayer to Obatala for tranquility

A Obatala, father Orisha and deity of important influence within the Pantheon of the Yoruba cult, we pray to him for his blessings for different aspects of our lives.

It is considered that the entire creation of humanity is framed in Obbatalá, and the presence of man on earth is due to him, for this reason he is represented as a pure and patient father, the owner of everything white and silver.

Obbatalá is in charge of all the heads and thoughts of people, of the human mind, who controls the functioning of all the organs of the body, but in a special way.

As the main creator of the human being, he is considered an ideal saint to whom to turn when presenting difficulties in life, since he can help all men, so that they can solve all the obstacles that arise in the path of life .

Prayers to Father Orisha with faith and love

Always for Obbatalá or any other Orisha, prayers must be done with great faith.

The father of the Yoruba deities must also be shown unconditional devotion and desires to improve in life with a respectful attitude, thus he will guide us and guide us and even intercede for us on the spiritual path.

Obatalá is considered a good father, which is why many people come to him in order to ask for his help and have support that gives them peace of mind and spiritual peace to move forward.

To pray to Obbatalá for tranquility, let's not forget to look for a secluded place, we can even visit the mountain.aña, which is his temple, and from there pray to him in the silence of the countryside, speaking to him like a son to his father, entrusting our fears to him and asking for his light and guidance.

Prayer to Obatala to attract tranquility

Obatalá you who are the king of kings, I invoke you,

You have your kingdom in heaven, from where you dominate the earth,

Your glory gives hope to all men,

Faith and charity are the bonanza that you bring to your children,

Father who provides guidance to all the saints,

Father of all nature, of all good things,

Of everything white and pure, your emblem is peace,

Let me reach your wisdom, and with it understand,

Well with this I will understand everything that I do not understand,

Give me the right words to speak to everyone,

Give me the gift of knowing how to listen and patience,

Well, with them I will know how to live my life with resignation,

And I will be able to face all the pains that come my way,

I want you to give me great Obatala, tranquility,

May my spirit fill with joy in having your presence,

When I have anger as a counselor, let it be you,

Who intercedes to straighten my path,

Give me wisdom, and teach me to understand,

Everything that I do not understand, may your word be mine,

May you be the support to lead my life,

Lets count on your blessing, and with it bear everything,

Especially everything that my Karma has in store for me,

For only I have forged it and only to me is its existence owed

That is why only I can repair it, and no one else, even if I want to,

My prize will be the one that is reserved for me.

It will always be the one that deserves me and no other,

O my father Obatala! take care of my life and give me your white light,

Grant me peace of mind and mind,

Give me peace of mind in every step I take,

Guide my life on the right path, and if I must change course,

Always be my guide, allowing me to achieve peace,

Let me bring the clear and pure light to others,

That only you know how to give me, taking care of me so much at night,

As in the day, for I trust in your sacred wing,

And cover me with your protective mantle,

I faithfully trust in you my holy Obatala,

My sovereign king and redeemer.

If we pray with faith for several days to Father Orisha, we will receive waves of tranquility, peace and harmony and we will be able to continue on our way, always taking into account that we must make an effort to reconcile with our environment and always look forward with courage, waiting in a way optimistic, a better future.

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