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Powerful prayers to Obatala to ward off enemies

Prayer to Obatala for the enemies

obbatala It is the representation of Olofin, one of his avatars who descended to Earth and the father of a large number of Orishas, ​​the one who helped create the universe and everything in it.abita.

Its white color is a sign of purity and blessing. Obatala He is the father who consents and advises, but can also be harsh, inflexible and despotic when it comes to punishing.

He is lord of people's heads, of intelligence, of thought and he is one of the few saints who has a well-defined male / female duality.

A obbatala we must serve him every September 24, which is his day, correctly bañatwo and clean so as not to anger the saint who loves hygiene and respect.

We must know that it is taboo to offer him brandy and other alcoholic beverages and neither is he given crab or beans.

Obbatalá's favorite foods, and which he welcomes with joy at any time, are rice pudding and meringue. In addition, it likes white and fragrant flowers such as gladiolus, gallant at night and lily.

Prayers to the Orisha Obbatalá to ward off enemies

Obbatalá, a patient and judicious father, goes to situations of difficulty, illness, and to thank his blessings. He is also asked in the face of adversity that comes from the hand of our enemies associated with another saint, since the old Obbatalá has the power to intercede for man before all the other Orishas.

That is why we pray to him from spiritual tranquility and before a lit white candle, so that he drives away our enemies and does not allow any harm to affect us.

Pray this powerful prayer with great faith and devotion in the wise father.

Prayer to Obatala for the enemies:

King of all kings I call you

Your kingdom is in heaven

Your glory is hope

Faith and charity are your bonanza

Father of all the saints in the world

Father of all the good, of all the white

Your emblem is peace.

Always give me your wisdom to understand what I cannot.

Give me the right word for those who want and want to hear it.

Give me patience and resignation, to be able to bear any pain.

Give me the tranquility of my spirit

When anger is my counselor and friend.

Obatalá you who are the holy creator

I ask you please to support all your children and make them prosper

Be you, father Obatalá, the one who gives us the reasons to laugh

Great King Obatala

you what habitas in the body of people

And you make it prosper.

Great King Obatala you who were the first king of the world.

You who multiplied only one

In two hundred people

Multiply my happiness and blessings

In a thousand reasons to live immersed in complete happiness.

Great saint

Woman and man of the world

I ask you to be the one to protect me

Of all the people who dare to do some kind of evil

Let the eyes be full of envy

Illuminated with your brilliance and purity

So that it gets away from me and disappears

I ask you for the necessary light so that I can return

to see my paths illuminated with the purity of your white light

be your father who opens my ways

to be able to move towards a future

of progress and prosperity.

I believe in you father of all white fabrics.

I beg you to help me keep all my enemies away from me

And from my house,

I ask you to help me good fortune

To all the roads illuminated by your munificence 

Great saint of the world

Man and woman,

Creator of all good and bad things.

Albino king and queen,

Owner of purity and of all vigilantes.

Father Obatalá grant me what I ask of you,

I am your son, and I know that you will have mercy on me,

give me your help and protection,

and solve my problems and needs.

May this prayer bring you much calm, tranquility and the health you need in your life.

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