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Do you need the protection of Father Obatalá? Invoke his power with this prayer

Prayer to Obatala for protection

Obatala King of purity, I salute you; The Owner of all white cloths, I ask for your complete protection, and blessing for me.

To communicate with this beautiful Orisha you have to do it with respect, care, whiteness, neatness, always thanking him and asking for his blessing because he is the Orisha father and king of peace and harmony and obedience is owed to him.

Obatala is a very powerful and sacred deity within the Yoruba Pantheon, a religion of African origin whose bases are based on ancient traditions and beliefs of a spiritual nature, deeply rooted in the different cultural manifestations of the African people.

The prayer that we offer you today is just one of the many prayers with which we can connect with Obatala to ask for peace of mind and good paths.

Praying is a way of requesting our requests in a spiritual way, and at the same time obtaining a little peace and harmony in our lives, always keeping in mind that for it to take effect, we must do it with great faith.

Before doing any kind of prayer to Obatalá to make a request or ask for a favor, it is important that when invoking his presence we are:

  • Clean, calm, calm and grateful, our faith also depends on our spirituality.

In this way, Obatalá will be able to better attend to the supplications and requests that we make through prayers or prayers.

What can we ask Father Obatalá?

In the prayer to Obatala to ask for protection we also ask for health, peace and tranquility, and when asking for money we ask for a decent job, abundance, and fortune.

Remember, praying is a manifestation of legitimate and spiritual faith, so doing so gives us the virtue of peace.

Also in the prayer to the orisha you can ask for love, through which you can attract true love into your life.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Obatalá knows the heart and the situation each person goes through, so you should not ask for more than you need, otherwise, nothing will be fulfilled, since this orisha is characterized by being just.

The Orisha father is the ideal deity to turn to when we go through bad times.

Some recommendations to invoke it:

If you wish, you can build a small altar in his name, supported by an image or some other representative element of the saint.

This place you choose to worship must be clean and can be accompaniedañado also of:

  • Some gifts or offerings,
  • fruits or foods such as rice pudding
  • a candle or white flowers, as it is its representative color.

Whether you are looking for help to overcome difficulties, end obstacles, find love, attract health, or defeat enemies, good will come by raising this prayer to Obatala.

Remember, above all he asks for health, calm and tranquility, the saint always shows compassion and kindness to the faithful devotees who invoke him with faith.

Powerful prayer to Obatala to beg for his holy protection

To pay tribute and make our requests for special favors to the Orisha Obatala we say this prayer with much love and faith:

Beloved Father Obatalá, we venerate you, with respect and love.

We ask you, Beloved Father, to guide us with your faith and pour out your blessings on us, so that we can grow stronger and vibrate in tune with our divine creator. 

Deliver us, Beloved Father, from the obstacles placed in our way so that they do not hinder our faith, or provoke discord, anger, pain and hatred. 

Help us, divine hope, to develop patience, perseverance, forgiveness, charity, faith, hope and love of neighbor.

Let us always find the necessary light in Olorun's house so that we do not weaken in the face of disturbances. Allow peace, happiness and the path to the Eternal Father to enter our religiosity and belief.

Make us, Dear Father, energy-emitting centers to combat the forces of evil that devastate our planet Earth, which is under your guard. 

Give us, Beloved Father, the opportunity to fight, with our love, for the regeneration of this planet, our home, which is being destroyed by greed, intolerance, heartbreak and solidarity, hunger, wars of all kinds and lack of faith.

Give us the opportunity, Beloved Father, in our work, to form a single vibrational current, a only sound, a single energy to combat this evil wave that permeates the Earth's astral.

We may be few; But allow our strength, our current, to join the other forces and currents that are being emitted in the other temples and that all together, serve as a balm to our sick, hungry and miserable brothers and also who disincarnate without any consciousness of spirituality . .

Beloved Father, may your ever open arms support and welcome them and us!

Before invoking Obatala, you can give him an offering:

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