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How do we invoke Obba with a prayer to give us strength?

Prayer to Obba

In nature Obba is the African goddess who habita in the lakes and lagoons and together with her sisters the Queen of the Spark Oyá and the Goddess of the Sepulcher Beautiful, forms the trilogy of the death deities.

She has a great relationship with death and spirits, and that is why she wanders through cemeteries looking for lost souls.

The death warriors are those that are related to the souls of the deceased. Obba, specifically, guards the tombs with his immense powers.

Obba is the Orisha of the river that bears her name, originally from the Takua land, although according to Yoruba legends, her cult spread throughout the land of Òyó and Tapa.

Goddess that habita the cemetery and the mountains where souls are abandoned to help them find their way.

How do we ask Obba to intercede for us?

Obba with his guide will teach us the value of sacrifices and what we can achieve for ourselves, with faith and great confidence in our own abilities.

To learn a little more about this powerful Orisha, we must know that among her favorite offerings are plants, the coast hazel, mahogany, mahogany, chestnut and plum, as well as animals such as pigeons, hens and goats.

If we wish, we look for her in the cemetery, in the mountains or in the lakes.

We can also make an altar in our house or choose a clean and organized place and invoke it with a white or pink candle, so that it comes to hear our prayers and bless us.

You can offer him flowers, fruits and whatever you can give him from the heart.

Pick a moment of calm and peace to invoke the Orisha!

Before raising the prayer to Obba, we must be at peace trying to keep our minds blank for a few seconds and then ask him with great faith.

Let us ask him to intercede, to listen to our joys and sorrows, to our problems and difficulties, and to give us strength to move forward and pursue our purposes.

We dedicate this prayer to Obba with faith so that he may open paths for us:

  • With this prayer we ask Obba for the strength to continue in our endeavor

Obba, strong and capable Goddess, powerful in your sacrifice, faithful and defender of every female who fights

My mother, you who cover your daughters with your mantle of faith and give them the strength to carry on

Powerful Orisha, you who help souls to find their way and guard the frontier of the spiritual world

Obba, you who take care of the grave and protect from evil

Help me my Mother, in this great need. Do not abandon me when my strength fails and give me the will not to give up my efforts

Great Obba, you who sacrificed yourself for the one you loved, I ask you today to give me the courage to move forward in the face of obstacles and difficulties

So that my family and my loved ones lack nothing

Help me, Goddess of the lagoons, Mother strong and brave, to do whatever sacrifice for the good of those around me

Give me Obba, your guide and your strength, and do not allow me to fall to betrayal or adversity

Remove the bad influence and the shadows of doubt from me and allow me to achieve my goals

To walk as your proud daughter / or on the path of life

Thank you, My goddess, for your eternal blessing and your guidance,

So be it

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