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Prayer to Oggún «the Lord of Iron» to Open Paths and Win

Prayer to Oggún to open paths

Oggún, Lord of MetalsIt is the Orisha who is in charge of taking justice into his own hands and we ask him for protection, justice, prosperity and health above all things, as he can support us in situations of uncertainty.

We ask this Orisha Guerrero for his protection to overcome life's obstacles and injustices, as well as strength to overcome difficulties and end the dangers that threaten us.

How to pray to the Oggún Warrior?

Their prayers can be performed in a quiet corner of the house, where we can speak calmly with the Orisha, or at an altar destined for the veneration of Oggún.

There we talk to him about our fears and difficulties and we ask him for the strength and courage to face them and move forward. We also implore your guidance and protection.

To request the protection of Oggún, evil should not be requested for anyone, if we wish to ward off enemies and protect ourselves from whoever may wish us evil, we leave everything in the hands of the Orisha's justice.

Offerings dedicated to the God of metals:

It is very important to offer to Oggún before making his prayers and we must always thank him for listening to our prayers.

Although if our situation does not allow us to make offerings, a simple show of gratitude, love and faith will be enough. so that the orisha cares for us and helps us.

To pray to Oggún we must remember that the Orisha likes to be blown into brandy or rum and tobacco smoke.

Honey is also poured on top, and roasted corn, smoked jutía and smoked fish are sprinkled on top as a way of serving it.

Powerful Prayer to Oggún to open paths in life:

  • This is the prayer that we must pray to Oggún to ask for his protection in difficult situations:

Oh, great Oggún! Owner of Metals, Mighty Warrior

You who symbolize the beginning and strength, courage and courage

Master and Lord of Iron, you who protect with immense fervor all your children and devotees

I come to you in this time of need to ask for your guidance and protection.

Owner of the Mount, tireless worker, you who have the power to defend the justice of the world

You who heal the sick and defend the weakest,

I thank you for your eternal blessing, for your strength and your guidance.

Oggún, My Father, I implore you, protect me and cover me from all those who wish me evil

With your tools, remove those dangers that threaten me and mine

Mighty Warrior, make sure that no evil entity can reach me, protect my house and my family from all evil

Allow me Oggún, overcome obstacles in life and end injustices

Give me the strength to overcome difficulties and give me the courage to carve out a safe and dignified future

Hear, Lord of Metals, to your devoted son,

I promise to always show myself worthy of your blessings and face every difficulty with courage

So be it

Learn about some rituals and offerings to the Warrior God Oggún:

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