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I pray to Oggún to ask for job stability and protection in difficult cases

The Prayer to Oggún for work

Oggún is a major deity of the Yoruba Pantheon, known as master and lord of iron. It is to his deity that we can turn when we need a better work and financial situation.

In the Osha it symbolizes the beginnings, the beginning, the mañana, spring, and also the powers of command such as force, violence and authority.

What does the Oggún Warrior represent in the Yoruba religion?

Pataki the warriors
Cauldron of the Warriors next to Osun

Oggún is that powerful energy that encloses the box of the human body, the thorax, where all the vital organs are.

He is the patron Orisha of blacksmiths, wars, technology, army surgeons and anyone who works with metals.

Iron is its element and so is heavy work, because Oggún is the Orisha who works tirelessly.

It also represents the enormous virility in the human being.

Oggún is an insatiable hardworking warrior, and in the Yoruba religion he is the deity who holds the weight of the world in which we live on his shoulders.

Legends indicate that he works in the forge all hours of the day, without giving in to exhaustion.

The second Orisha that is received behind his brother Elegguá and with him, he owns the roads, as well as the mountains.

It is strong like iron, violent and very powerful. It is an Osha from the group of Orisha Oddé, which are commonly known as The Warriors.

Oggún is the one who has the preferential right to sacrifice, since he owns the knife, which is the sacred object with which it is generally sacrificed.

How do we ask the great Owner of Iron?

Because of his strengths and attributes, we ask Oggún for his protection against evils and enemies, since he is the one who protects his devotees with ferocity.

His name comes from the Yoruba Òggún (war) and with his explosive character, he fights for the well-being of all his children.

To the great warrior and tireless worker of the Ocha, we can also pray for financial prosperity and job stability, as he will listen to us and give us his support and advice to achieve a feasible and safe job.

We also talk to him about our regrets and wishes for improvements and successes, and we raise prayers to ask for his favor, always with great confidence and faith that he will listen to us and guide us towards better paths.

A Prayer to Oggún for work and opening work paths.

  • So we pray to Guerrero Oggún to help us achieve job stability

Oggún, My father, mighty Warrior and tireless worker,

You who dedicate your hours to work for the good of the world

You who represent the beginning of the paths and the strong force that moves mountainsañas.

Lord and love of Iron, Protector of all devotees and guide of those who do not find their way

You who are peace, you are life, you are love and consolation, you are the great warrior who opens the way for his children.

My Father, Great Orisha, I come to you in this time of need, so that you help me choose a better path

Guide me Oggún, along the path of prosperity and success, so that I can look with pride at my family and provide them with everything they need

I ask you, Lord of Metals, to bless me with a stable job so that my prosperity is full

and as a result I can put bread on the table every day, until I reach my destiny in this life.

Help me and bless me, Oggún, to get a good job, and fill me with your gifts so that I can embark on this new path that opens up to me today.

Intercede in my request to establish myself financially and achieve stability

I thank you, My saint, for all your blessings, for your strength and for your eternal guidance,

So be it

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