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Why do we entrust ourselves to Oggún? I pray to defeat Enemies

Prayer to Oggún to defeat the enemies

Oggún is a major deity of the very powerful Yoruba Pantheon, known as master and lord of iron. He is the god who works in forging metals, although he can also be a lonely hunter and gatherer. 

Devotees mainly come to him to ask him for strength to move forward and protection against the dangers of life. 

The god Oggún saves against enemies, envy, evil eyes and all kinds of misfortunes, there is no obstacle that stands before his strength and power.

Many also ask Oggún to show them better job opportunities, as this Orisha is a tireless worker.

And it is that this deity is an insatiable worker who, according to the Patakíes, promised to Father Orisha Obbatalá, work day and night in the forge for the Ocha, and thus make amends for their mistakes.

10 Qualities that make Oggún a powerful warrior

  1. Oggun symbolizes in the Yoruba religion the beginnings, the beginning, the mañana, spring, and also the powers of command, force, violence and authority. 
  2. It is also the force that encloses the box of the human body, the thorax, where all the vital organs are.
  3. His name comes from the Yoruba Òggún (war) and is that this warrior protects all his faithful and devotees, and represents the soldiers who go to the battlefield.
  4. He is the patron Orisha of blacksmiths, wars, technology, army surgeons and anyone who works with metals. 
  5. Iron is his element and that is why he always carries his machete (known as Embelebobo), to break through the undergrowth and to do justice with his own hands.
  6. Oggún also represents the enormous virility in the human being and keeps the weight of the world in which we live on his shoulders.  
  7. He is the second Orisha to be received behind his brother Eleggua and with him, he owns the roads, as well as the mountains. 
  8. He is an Osha from the group of Orisha Oddé, who are commonly known as "The Warriors" and protects those he considers worthy, from all danger. 
  9. Oggún is considered the owner of the keys, the chains that represent the confinement. 
  10. Legends say that he also knows the secrets of sorcery and can be a witch, healer and sorcerer.

To defeat the enemy, do justice and ask for protection: Prayer to Oggún

Before the prayer we can light a white candle for it, and connect all our faith in our request and gratitude to the orisha.

Oggún great warrior of metal, with a haughty look and great strength,

Tireless worker who with his machete is destroying every obstacle

Today I come before your presence to cleanse my body, my mind and my soul of evils

I beg you, do justice to everyone who wished me ill, to take their steps away from my life forever

That whoever wants to harm my path is paralyzed and their harm does not reach me

Do not allow hexes to harm my home, my job, my family or everything that flows to around me, I beg you

Clean me and mine of envy, bad eyes and ensañamentions.  

Let him regret it, walk away and leave at once, to advance with your firmness Guerrero Oggún

With your machete that those eyes do not see me and those feet do not step on me, that nothing bad happens to me

With your bravery, your bravery and character I know that there will be no one who will harm me

I trust your blessing, my warrior, I ask that those enemies disappear before your immense protection. Ashé

With great faith Oggún will help us face enemies and difficulties ...

Oggún is represented as an extremely strong warrior who fears nothing and accepts any challenge. It is violent and very powerful. 

And it is that the patakí tells that when the orishas came down to earth, it was Oggun who opened the way for them, cutting all the obstacles with his machete and accompanying them.añado for his brothers Ochosi the vigilante and Elegguá the owner of the road.  

That is also why Oggún precedes the other divinities, and he is greeted just after Elegguá, because next to him, he opens the way in all circumstances.

Due to the transculturation process associated with the slave trade, Oggún is compared to various saints such as Saint Peter, Saint Paul and Saint Michael the Archangel, who are also asked for protection.

Get to know some of the offerings for Oggun that can accompanyañar the prayer:

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