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How to ask Oggún for a favor, the warrior wins battles? Two prayers

Prayer to Oggún

To Oggún, one 4 Warrior Orishas, representative of work, strength and metals in the Yoruba pantheon, we ask for your favor fundamentally to solve problems of confrontations, enemies and dangers of all kinds.

The Orisha gives us his strength to overcome obstacles and move forward, because he is the force itself.

Oggún is represented by iron, he owns all the work tools and chains.

In the Rule of Osha or Santeria Oggún is the strength of the human body, he is a sorcerer and connoisseur of the secrets of the mountain and is one of the first Orishas that protect us when we start the spiritual path.

This deity provides us with luck in the workplace, strength at the level of health or strength to face dangers and misfortunes.

Pray for strength and better opportunities ¡Father Oggún, protect us from all evil!

We can go to Oggún to pray to him in the tranquility of the mountains, his natural temple.

But we can also dedicate an altar to him to venerate him in our home, where his object of power is present, the machete, and everything that has to do with iron or metal, in addition to the green and black colors, his favorites.

However, wherever we pray to Oggún, his energy will listen to us, as long as we do it from the heart and with faith.

Offerings that Oggún likes:

  • To attend Oggún you can offer him some coins for abundance, candies, roasted corn, smoked fish and corojo butter spread on his tools.
  • Fruits like watermelon to refresh it, yams, or the male banana.
  • We can also blow brandy and tobacco smoke on it.
  • In his honor we light a white candle to illuminate his deity.

At the end of the article we leave some of their offerings (adimú) so that you can do them step by step.

Horseshoes, horse bridles, nails from a train line, a machete, a knife, an iron ball can be placed on his altar or place of veneration, because through his tools he gives us power and Ashé.

How to make a request to Oggún? Prayers to get ahead smoothly

We ask Oggún for his favor with great faith and from the heart, showing him our sincere intentions.

You can ask for strength, to improve our work with new opportunities, to ward off your enemies, to grant victories, and much more, especially health and love.

1. I pray to the Oggún Warrior to make a request and ask for a favor

So we can pray to the Lord of Metals Oggún with this prayer to ask for his favor, and before we light a white candle to give him light.

Great Oggún, you who work day and night to grant good on earth, grant the favor I ask for this day.

You who together with Eleguá rule the earth and the oracles of life and death, work day and night to grant me these favors that I ask of you on this day. (Make your request)

Thank you my father Oggún, lord of the irons, tireless worker.

I know you will not leave your child helpless in this time of need. So be it, Ashe

2. Prayer to Oggún to open paths in life

Ogún, my Father, Winner of wars and battles, powerful guardian of the Laws, is to call him Father an honor, hope, life.

You are my ally in the fight against all my inferiorities and obstacles.

Messenger of Obatala, Son of Olorun. Lord, You are the tamer of spurious and base feelings, purify with Your sword and throw my conscious and unconscious baseness of character.

Ogún, brother, friend and companion, continue on your journey and in pursuit of the defects that assail us at all times.

Ogun, glorious Orisha, reign with your great power among the millions of warriors and enemies that persecute us.

Show, by mercy, the right path for our heart, conscience and spirit. Shatter, Ogun, the monsters that habitan in our being, throw them out of our lower being, so be it.

We share some of the offerings that Oggún loves:

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