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How to ask Olokun for a favor? Give us prosperity with your power

Prayer to Olokun for prosperity

I praise the Spirit of the vast ocean, I praise the Spirit of the Ocean that is beyond comprehension. Spirit of the Ocean, I will worship you as much as there is water in the sea. May there be peace in the ocean, may there be peace in my soul. Spirit of the Ocean, the Eternal, I give you my respect, So be it.

Olokun, the Lord of the Oceans For the Yorubas, it is also hermaphrodite, because it possesses both parts of the being, man and woman, which is why the cult depends on being referred to as mother or father in prayers.

Despite her immense powers and the mysteries surrounding her story, her energy is said to be very loving and supportive of her children and devotees, granting health, prosperity, abundance and leading her faithful devotees to success.

Olokun in the Santeria or Rule of Osha, is associated with the depths, the dark and cold world of the ocean floor whose secrets only he knows.

This extremely strong and can be severe deity is all-encompassing and belongs to the deeply unknown and respected world of the depths of the seas.

However, his devotees have him as a giver of life, exceptional health, development and progress, marital stability, and many other blessings.

How to invoke the power of the Lord of the Oceans?

To pray to Olokun and ask for his favor, we must take into account the offerings that the deity of the Oceans worships.

We can offer you:

  • Coconut alegrías balls and boiled yam balls
  • Pork Meat
  • Grains such as black beans, finned corn, and ground corn cooked with garlic, onion, and butter
  • Desserts such as sweet potato, gofio sticks with melao
  • Fruits such as coconut, apples, oranges, papayas, watermelon, pineapple, and pears
  • Corncobs
  • melao of caña
  • White and blue flowers and candles of the same tones.

May our requests be made with great faith:

To communicate with the lord of the oceans, we can create an altar in honor of Olokun in a quiet and secluded space, adorned with objects related to the ocean, such as seashells, pearls, mermaid art, starfish and white flowers or whatever. that we want to place.

To pray and ask this powerful deity for her favor, we can also go to a body of water, such as an ocean, lake or stream, and offer her white flowers.

Or we simply stand in front of his jar, and pray to Olokun, aloud or silently.

  1. We tell him like a parent, all our worries, fears and regrets, past and present.
  2. We ask for your favor and blessing to move forward and rid ourselves of all the bad.
  3. We reflect, meditate and speak to Olokun asking for his blessing and thanking him for all the good he has given us in this life.

Beautiful prayer to Olokun for prosperity and protection

To Olokun, the Orisha of the Ocean, the most feared, dangerous and respected in the African nations, fundamental and very important Orisha in Ifá and Osha, we must pray to him showing him immense respect.

When we request your favor on any matter, we must show you our effort and our sincere intentions, as Olokun only helps those who know the sacrifice and determination to achieve success.

So we pray to ask Olokun for a favor:

My Lady of the Kingdom of Olokun, my mother and mermaid of the waters.

Shelter my tired being in your breasts of love and goodness.

My sweet Mother of Life who walks from the river bed to the sea
Embrace my sad self in your breasts and have mercy on my actions

Sovereign Lady of the Kingdom of Neptune, Majestic Lady of the Love Potion
Divine and eternal gift of knowledge, welcome my soul in your hands

Lady-Mother of Creation, Lady-Mother of Blessing
may the sands of the beach be my sacred ground
May asking for your blessing be my protection mantra

Lady-Mother of the 7 seas, Sovereign Forces Lady of the 7 Spirits
May the promise be fulfilled that in your arms I will be happy, give us health, abundance and your protection.

Learn about some offerings and rituals on behalf of Olokun:

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