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To Olokun we dedicate these Prayers ► to ask for a lot of Health and Protection

Prayer to Olokun

Olokun is an Orisha which is the foundation of Ifá and Osha and is related to the deep secrets of life and death. His devotees revere him as a powerful protector who helps to advance safely.

It is the Orisha that reigns this 2021 according to the Letter of the year published by the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba, revered as that powerful deity who provides health, prosperity and material evolution to men on the earthly plane.

What powers does Olokun symbolize in the Yoruba Religion?

Orisha of the Sea Olokun

It is also the Orisha of the ocean, the one that represents the sea in its most violent state, the waters stirred by storms and the dangerous and unknown dark bottoms.

Olokun is androgynous, half fish half man, compulsive, mysterious and violent. He has the ability to transform into others and his character is fearsome when enraged.

In nature it is symbolized by the depths of the sea and is the true owner of those funds that no one has been able to reach.

That is why it represents the marine secrets, since nobody knows what is at the bottom of the sea, only Olokun and Constitution, the great creator.

It also symbolizes the riches of the seabed and health. For this reason, Olokun is one of the most dangerous and powerful deities of the Osha-Ifá religion. Its name comes from Yorùbá Olókún (Oló: owner - Okún: Ocean).

According to Yoruba mythology, it is not known exactly who Olokun's parents are or if he was conceived by the union of a man and a woman.

Some say that it was created thanks to the power of a supreme being, therefore he represents the secrets of life and the seabed.

A powerful cult► Attributes of Olokun

His main cult It is owned by the Babalawós who receive it with the 9 Olosas and the 9 Olonas in addition to the characteristic Eshu.

The Olonas and Olosas are the water nymphs, they represent rivers, streams, lagoons, waterfalls, springs, pools, marine extensions and rainwater.

Two spirits Somú Gagá and Akaró live with Olokun, representing life and death respectively.

Both spirits are represented by a lead doll that carries in one hand a serpent (Akaró) and in the other a mask (Somú Gagá).

Olokun can be delivered by Babalawos or Iworos, and the validity of both is recognized.

The jar that keeps its elements it is sacred, as well as its water, which is used in spiritual baths, cleansing and other ceremonies, for its great power to heal and purify.

Prayers to the Lord of the Ocean:

Olokun's Blessings

Olokun is invoked as follows when you want to make a request:

I was going Olokun faith mi lo're. Olokun was going as re wa ran oyio.

Olokun nu ni o si o ki e lure ye toray. Bomi taafi. Bemi taafi.

Olokun ni'ka him. Moyugba. Ashe.

I venerate the spirit of the vast ocean. I venerate the spirit of the ocean who is beyond all understanding. Spirit of the ocean, I will worship you, as long as there is water in the sea.

Let there be peace in the ocean. Let there be peace in my soul. To the spirit of the ocean, who is ageless, I pay my respects. So be it.

How do we ask the Great Olokun?

After paying our respects, we call you to hear our prayers.

We speak to Olokun with great faith and from the bottom of our hearts, showing him what ails and worries us.

If we prove worthy of their help, the mighty Lord of the Ocean will step in and support us until we overcome obstacles.

Olokun is asked for peaceBoth in the ocean and in the soul of the person and as it is represented as the spirit of the sea, we can invoke it from there, touching its waters and begging our request.

We always thank you for your blessings and we put our trust in your immense powers when we pray and ask for your help.

I pray to King Olokun to ward off enemies and dangers:

We ask him for protection against dangers and enemies, so that he will remove all evil from us.

This is the prayer to ask Olokun for protection:

Oh spirit of the vastness of the ocean, Great Olokun, Lord of the depths

I come to you, mighty King of the waters, to implore your support and protection

Olokun, you who know the deepest secrets of life and death, and who are the owner and lord of the most intense mysteries of the deep sea.

You who bless your faithful devotees with Health, Prosperity and with material Evolution

I ask you to go to the side of this, your faithful son, in this moment of need, so that you unfold your protective mantle over me and mine

Allow my path to be free from dangers and bad omens, and remove any dark shadow that may haunt me

Protect me, Guide me and Heal me, Great Olokun

To continue walking quietly along the path of life as your proud son

Thank you, King of the Oceans, for washing the evils of this world with your waters.

I will always be grateful because I know that you will protect me every step of the way.

So be it

For Olokun it is this prayer asking for health for all:

We also pray to the great spirit of the Ocean for health, fundamentally in these times of pandemic that humanity faces.

With our eyes fixed on the blue waters of the sea, we must ask Olokun to listen to us and to protect us from diseases by means of the following prayer:

Mighty Lord of the Oceans, listen to my request, you who know the deepest secrets of life and death

Olokun, Spirit of the Ocean, chief of the dark waters, you who possess all the answers of humanity

Thank you for always being by his side, your devoted son, giving me your support and your strength so that I can reach my destination safely.

Olokun, guardian of the sea, you who protect all its devotees and children with great love.

You who heal, protect and always bless.

I implore you, Great Olokun, to cover me with your protective mantle and remove the shadow of disease and death from my home and my family.

Protect me Lord, from the ailments and evils of this world, and give me health, so that I can walk with your hand on the path of spiritual grace.

Help me, I beg you, to follow my destiny and achieve my goals, and propel me with your great power.

I ask you Lord, may there always be peace in my soul

Spirit of the Ocean, The Eternal

I give you my respect

So be it

Powerful works and rituals on behalf of Olokun:

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