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Offerings and prayer to Orishaoko, deity who cultivates iré for Man

Prayer to Orishaoko

The Orisha who cultivates the iré on earth is called Orisha Oko in the Yoruba Pantheon.

This deity is a saint who is received to achieve stability, health, seat, rest and long life.

It is represented on a deep fryer that is filled with plowed earth on which is placed:

  • A team of oxen,
  • a parasol,
  • a plow and a plow.

This is associated with various farming instruments, two coconuts, a tile and two stones.

This deity is identified with the colors pink and blue, the same tones with which its foundation necklace is made.

Orisha Oko speaks in the Diloggun through the signs Eyeunle, Eyioko and Oddi, offering advice of sacrifice and hard work to obtain the goals that one wishes to achieve in life.

This saint affirms that nothing is obtained from heaven, only the rain, which falls naturally on the earth, the rest depends on the dedication of man and the efforts available to get ahead.

What can be offered to the Orisha Labrador?

Orisha Oko can be offered all the products that come from the field such as:

  • Fresh fruits,
  • vegetables,
  • meats and
  • animals, among these the deity prefers the ram, the rooster and the dove.

Orisha Oko is a saint who lives far from ostentation and that he is satisfied with what the religious can offer him as long as it is from the heart.

For him laziness is taboo, a defect that he does not tolerate in any human being, but much less in man.

The sowing of Orisha Oko: Work to attract the iré and luck

To this Orisha one goes:

  • To get work and prosperity,
  • in search of support to solve housing problems and
  • to achieve the unification of the family.

Orisha Oko represents humility and the arrival of new opportunities.

Offering or adimú dedicated to the Yoruba deity Orishaoko:

When the religious is behind, he sows a sweet potato or corn inside the fryer of Orisha Oko and begins to take care of the crop, imploring the saint that in the same way that the sowing sprouts, his life flourishes thus arriving at this I will and health .

Prayer to invoke and thank Orishaoko

Praise the spirit of the farm, I praise the spirit of the farm, supplier of yams I raise a praise to you.

I praise the spirit of the farm. Here is a lot of gratitude.

I praise the owner of the white yam. I thank you for the many blessings that come from the white yam.

Other offerings for the mighty Orisha Oko:

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