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Orula help me! Prayer to Orula for Difficult Cases

Prayer to Orula for difficult cases

Blessings for you. We give you five tips to keep in mind before praying to the powerful Orisha Orula, fortune teller and interpreter of Ifá teachings in the Yoruba pantheon:

  1. Choose a Time and Place of Peace: Find a quiet corner in your home or in nature, and choose a time of day when you can be silent and at peace with yourself.
  2. Prepare a Space: Create a small space for prayer or an altar with elements that inspire you and connect you with your spiritual practice, such as candles, incense, sacred images.
  3. Breath deeply: Before you begin, take a few minutes to breathe deeply to calm your mind and focus your energy on prayer.
  4. Focus your Intention: Clearly state the intention of your prayer. What do you want to ask for, thank, or reflect on during this sacred time?
  5. Open your heart: Allow yourself to be open and receptive to the answers and guidance that may come during your practice. Keep your heart and mind open.

These tips will help you create a space conducive to your prayer and connect more deeply with your spiritual practice. Blessings to you and May this prayer help you overcome this difficult situation. what you are going through. So be it.

Powerful prayer to ask Orunmila for help in difficult cases

My great powerful Orisha and guide Orula, in this time of uncertainty and difficulty, I turn to you with humility and faith in search of your guidance and protection. You, who are the supreme oracle, the witness of our destiny and the counselor of afflicted hearts, hear my prayer.

Orula, I know that you are the owner of divination and knowledge, that you have the wisdom to reveal the secrets of the universe. In this time of confusion and challenges, I pray that you illuminate my path with your divine light. Let me see the solutions to my problems, the answers to my questions and the path I must follow.

On my altar, I light a green candle in your honor, a symbol of hope and prosperity. I ask you to guide my steps towards abundance and peace. Help me overcome the obstacles that stand in my way and find the strength to face the challenges that life presents me.

Orula, I trust you with my deepest requests and desires. (Mention your personal and specific requests here). You know how important these wishes are in my life, and I ask you, if it is your will, to make them come true. I know that only you can see the future and know what is best for me.

In addition to my requests, I pray for all those who are going through difficult times, for my family and loved ones. May your blessing reach each one of them, may they find comfort in your wisdom and may their burdens be lightened. I ask you to extend your healing hand to those who need it most.

Orula, in this act of faith, I give you my worries and fears. Let me feel your calming presence in my life. I trust that, through your guidance and protection, I will overcome these challenges and find the peace and joy I long for.

Thank you, Orula, for listening to my words and for always being by my side. May your blessing and wisdom accompany me every step of my path. So be it.

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