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I pray for protection to Orula and San Francisco de Asís. What unites them?

Prayer to Orula for protection

Today we share a beautiful prayer dedicated to the saint and the orisha for protection and intercede for us in the face of our anguish and what afflicts us, but first we must question ourselves: What unites Orula and Asís so that they are syncretized in Santeria?

Orunmila, whose name means "it is heaven who can save", is the Orisha Diviner, the one who has witnessed the destiny of men and knows their past, present and future.

orula, another name by which he is known, was sent by Olofin to bring order to the Earth and is manifested through divination transmitted by the babalawo, the “father who knows the secrets”.

A patakí tells that Olofi had given Orula the gift of dance and music, but it did not attract his attention, because he liked fortune-telling. Changó, on the other hand, Olofi had been given the power of divination and the Ifá board, to consult people, but he liked parties and dancing.

Then the Thunder King of the Yoruba pantheon exchanged the board with Orula for the gift of dancing and from that day on, he became the greatest fortune teller of the Yoruba pantheon.

Orunmila is the owner of the divination oraclesHe is wise and counselor of all the orishas and holder of the Ifá board. He is considered a great doctor and owner of the four winds and the babalawos warn that whoever does not follow his advice may be a victim of Eshu's bad omens.

Syncretism: Orula and Saint Francis of Assisi, wisdom and faith

Orula is syncretized in the Osha Ifá Rule (Santería) with San Francisco de Asís, so its day of celebration is October 4.

Francisco was born in Assisi, Italy, in 1182, and liked to attend parties, walks, and meetings with his friends. But he also distinguished himself by helping poor people and not denying a favor. He visited the sick in hospitals and gave the poor what he carried with him.

Legend has it that one day, while praying in the church in front of a crucifix, Francisco heard a voice saying "Francisco, you have to repair my house, because it is in ruins".

He believed that Jesus was asking him to repair the walls of the church, so he sold everything he had to fix the church of San Damiano. That's how his father got angry and disinherited him, so Francisco de Asís stripped himself of everything he was wearing and put on a cloth tunic with a cord and began his conversion.

There are many qualities that unite Orula and San Francisco de Asís, beginning with humility and wisdom. In fact, in the Yoruba religion the babalawos, representatives of Orula on earth, they must be humble and wise people and never stop studying all the secrets and teachings of Ifá.

Prayer to Orula and Saint Francis of Assisi for protection

«Orúnmila and Saint Francis of Asís, protect us on this day and in all the days of our lives. May his wisdom and compassion guide us, and may his presence give us the strength to overcome obstacles.

Orúnmila, knowledgeable of the paths of destiny, help us to make the right decisions and avoid evil. Saint Francis of Assisi, lover of nature and living beings, inspire us to take care of our environment and respect all beings.

Together, Orúnmila and Saint Francis of Assisi, we are invincible in the face of any adversity. Thank you for your protection and for always being by our side, I beg you, grant me what I ask of you. So be it"

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