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How do we invoke Osain del Monte to give us his Protection?

Prayer to Osain

A Osain, lord of the mount and from nature, we pray for your guidance and advice to avoid difficulties in life.

Prayers are also raised for him to ward off evil, diseases and ailments, using the properties of nature itself and the aché of herbs.

Osain can be our guardian and protector, so we entrust ourselves to this Orisha seeking his support to ward off the negative energies that surround us and to eliminate the bad influence from our life and our home.

Osain likes the offerings of goat, jicotea, rooster, griffin, and talking birds. He also loves smoking and tobacco smoke.

Where can we ask the great sage Osain?

To speak with Osain, it is best to go to the mountain, his natural temple, and there meditate and pray in a low voice about those that concern us.

We can also talk to him in a quiet corner of our own home and ask him to watch over us and our family and to take care of us and protect us from dangers.

We offer you a candle, and in the light of it, with peace, tranquility, and from gratitude, with this prayer to Osain We ask for your help to intercede on our behalf.

So we pray with this Prayer to Osain asking for his protection:

Ozain del monte, protector, guardian and consultant

You who possess the ashé of herbs and embody the powers of nature itself

Father Ozain, accurate hunter and connoisseur of natural powers, what do you know how to do good and protect all your devotees

You who go along with Oggún and Ochosi, paving the way for your children to advance

I ask you, my Orisha, to listen to the request of this, your devotee

I implore you to always protect me from the evil that haunts me, to give me health, luck and spiritual tranquility,

Help me, Lord of the mountain, to always come out triumphant in my plans and projects

Drive away my enemies and guide and advise me to avoid difficulties and obstacles on the way, to advance safely until I reach my destination

Give me the aché of your Ozain herbs, to ward off spells, curses, temptations, witchcraft and all evil that surrounds me and mine.

Thank you, Owner of Nature, for always being my protector and consultant, and for helping me make the best decisions to have a full and happy life.

So be it, Father Ozain

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