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How to ask Oshún to get the Love of a special person?

Prayer to Oshún to get the love of a person

Give me the strength Goddess Oshún to overcome the ailments and difficulties that destiny imposes on me, and thus fulfill my tasks and everything that is planned for me. Today I ask you, my goddess, to always protect me from heartbreak, disease and provide me with health.

Praying to the Yoruba Orishas is a magical way to obtain positive energy, in this way we communicate with our deities, attracting the immensity of their power.

In this article we will talk about the prayer to Oshún, one of the Yoruba deities revered for his power in the Rule of Osha or Santeria.

There are also prayers that the Oshún believers recite in the Yoruba language, this is a language that has its origin in Nigeria (Africa) and was adopted in Cuba when it was brought to the island by the first African slaves.

Es Oshún the goddess of love and fresh waters, in fact, a confluence of two fast-flowing rivers in one of the western states of Nigeria is called Osun and Oyá due to the intimidating turbulence that marks the point of intersection.

What is offered to Oshún to help us in love?

Oshún is asked to intercede so that the paths of love, health, and abundance are opened and thus needs can be met, so that when prosperity arrives it will never leave again.

  1. We choose a quiet place, be it on the river, the sea, or a space in our home.
  2. We light a yellow, gold or white candle in her name to invoke her.
  3. We can offer you what we want, for example, 5 sunflowers and we put a little honey on top to sweeten the good ways of love.
  4. With great faith and heart, we talk with her and pray to her out of love and humility.

Powerful prayer to Oshún to get the love of a person "the true love"

Beautiful and powerful Oshún, dancer of the 5 handkerchiefs, with your great and strong power, remove all the barriers that are preventing (your name) from loving me madly and wanting to join me.

I want to hear his / her voice, asking to see me to stay with me and come back to me forever, saying that he / she loves me and wants only me.

Gold is your light, just like gold that belongs to you! Pour out your crystalline purity, Orisha of fresh water. 

Don't let the fog obscure my deepest desire, which is to get the truest, safest, most eternal and lasting love.

You are present at the waterfalls, which are sacred in their own right. Therefore, all feelings disappear if I suffer. 

I will not shed tears for those who do not love me. I will not suffer for anyone.

Who, with lies, disrespects me, because you will not allow coldness, envy or jealousy to betray me.

You are sweet, protective, soft and vain, feminine and seductive. Oh mother Oshún, give me your Ashe! 

Give me your strength, like the most sublime nectar, so that I know how to respect and adore. In honey is your secret, which I will know how to use!

Learn about the beautiful offerings that you can make in the name of Oshún:

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