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To the Goddess of Love Oshún: Prayer to attract love and fall in love

The Prayer to Oshún for love

Oshun, the African Goddess of Love and Rivers, the golden sweet-water mermaid that brings us blessings with the energy and movement of the sacred liquid.

In the Yoruba religion, Oshún belongs to the group of leading Oshas due to its great powers that it uses to protect its devotees.

Its name comes from the Yorùbá Osún and it is also closely related to jewelry, money and body ornaments, it likes yellow elements such as the color that represents it, the sunflower and golden objects.

We ask Oshún in love affairs ...

Prayer to Oshún for love

We pray to her fundamentally so that true love comes into our lives, to find a stable partner and live a beautiful and sincere relationship, because she is the owner of love and everything related to this beautiful feeling.

However, we can ask the goddess for everything we want, health, employment, help for situations of sadness, as long as it is from the heart she listens to us.

Oshún represents the intensity of the feelings in the Osha and the joy of life, spirituality, human sensuality, femininity and everything that is associated with love: delicacy, tenderness, sweetness and also symbolizes material prosperity.

Her natural forces are represented by the rivers and their clear water flows, and her image as a goddess is always that of a beautiful, happy and smiling woman.

For this reason, he likes that his devotees pray to him with faith and love, and that they show their appreciation for the good things in life.

Thus, Oshún will give us more reasons to feel happy and complete.

When can we dedicate these Prayers to Queen Oshún?

For her immense power to bring true love to us, our other half and even to restore lost love to us, we pray to the beautiful Orisha of the Yoruba pantheon from the bottom of our hearts.

We can dedicate the following prayer to him so that he allows us to meet our soul mate or to:

  • let the loved one return
  • recover the love that one day we lost
  • that the love of a couple strengthens
  • open the paths of love
  • fall in love with the person we want

Let's make this prayer to Oshún for love with a lot of faith:

Oh! Mother Oshún, beautiful and powerful

Orisha of Love, protective and compassionate. You are the intensity of feelings, human sensuality. You are love and femininity, everything beautiful that exists on earth.

Oshún blessed, you who take care of pregnant women and women in labor, so that the little ones in the womb are born healthy.

Mother, you who protect your children and give them happiness and love.

You, Blessed queen, dancer of the 5 handkerchiefs, that with them you remove the anguish, sadness and pain from hearts.

You who promote respect for the elderly, children, women and the sick, without exception, and who grant the greatest blessings in this world to those who ask you from the heart and with faith.

My Mother, Queen of Rivers and Clear Waters, I thank you for your eternal blessing and I thank you for the beautiful things in life that you have given me and my family.

I thank you, My Goddess, for granting me multiple joys in this life.

I ask you, Mother Oshún, because in you I trust and in you I put my devotion

Allow your child to find love and happiness next to the loved one (MAKE TO ORDER)

Listen to me, Great Orisha, I know that you will bring the right person to me,

because I trust the plan you have for my destiny

help me so that the door of love opens in my life, so that my happiness is complete

Let my other half arrive, to have the joy of loving and being loved and

achieve under your blessing to walk the path of life from love and abundance.

So be it mother Oshún.

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