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How do we ask Oshún to give us health and ward off disease?

Prayer to Oshún for health

Many are the Patakíes who associate the powerful deity Oshún to goodness, humility and love towards men on earth.

For example, the Yoruba stories tell that he saved the world by flying like a tiny aura on his way from Ibú Kolé.

He also spoke with Olofin, when Olokun sent the flood and it was Yemayá who gave him the fortune he possesses and granted him the gift that his house was the fresh waters, when he was left in ruins to save his sister Oyá.

In another beautiful legend Oshún asked for the intervention of women in the council of the Orishas, ​​their mercy and humility have always stood out for helping others.

For this reason we dedicate powerful prayers to her so that she intercedes on our behalf and we ask her with love to help us in difficult times.

Due to its great power, Oshún is a deity that in the Yoruba religion is received as a tutelary Orisha, and a ceremony in the river must be done 5 days in advance as the first ceremony of all initiated in the Osha.

For having saved the world, all the Iyawó, before crowning in the Rule of Osha or Santeria, must go to the river to account for it with their respective Ochinchin dish, give it Obí (coconut) and other religious ceremonies.

In syncretism, she is compared to the Patron Saint of Cuba, the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre.

Today, both cults have merged into one, a product of the immense syncretism that prevails in Cuban society.

Oshún is greeted saying with great respect:

Yalodde Yeyé Kari! Yeyeo! Omoriyeyeo!

Pray to the Queen of the River:

Oshún owner of the river

Many devotees come to her temple, the river, to pray to the Orisha or to admire the clear waters while they speak to her quietly, like to a mother.

We pray to Oshún and we always thank him by telling him our joys and requesting his relief from sadness.

Offerings that we can offer to Oshún:

We offer him sunflowers or yellow flowers, and various offerings such as honey or pumpkin that is his favorite, we place them in the water and we pray for his well-being, love and prosperity.

When her devotees want to venerate her, they dress in yellow, the color that represents the Orisha Oshún, and they look for a quiet place to pray to her in a low voice, lighting a candle of the same tone and speaking to her calmly and with great faith.

We can also invoke it in our home, in a quiet and peaceful place.

If we also wish to ask Oshún for economic prosperity, we can offer him a pumpkin, which is the fruit associated with wealth and in which the goddess keeps her piggy bank.

So we pray every day to Oshún to bring prosperity to our lives and we talk with her about our hopes.

We also pray to Oshún when we are attacked by dangers and ailments. She with her immense powers will ward off evil from us and restore us to health.

A Beautiful Prayer to Oshún for health and our healing:

We pray to Oshún from faith asking him for health, healing for our body and mind, to ward off disease, and all kinds of misfortune or pain that attack us in this life.

Orisha, of fresh water, which is present in the Cascades

My Mother Oshún, the most beautiful and powerful, you who protect your children from all evil and ward off the dangers that threaten them on the path of life

You are sweet, protective, soft and pretty, feminine and seductive.

Oshún Oh, mother, do not abandon me or forsake me in this great need

I come to you, warrior and protector of your children and devotees, goddess of rivers

You who intercede for men and ask for their blessings.

Today I ask you, my saint, to always protect me during illness and health.

Give me the strength to overcome the ailments and difficulties that destiny imposes on me, and thus fulfill my tasks and with everything that is outlined for me.

Give me your strength, Goddess, to move on and overcome the disease

Remove all evil from me when it hurts and alleviate my pain and suffering,

Divine Mother! Bless me with your goodness and your justice.

Give me your grace and with it the hope of regaining health.

So be it.

After the prayer to Oshún we can dedicate an offering to him. We recommend some:

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