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Very beautiful prayer to Oshún to ask for his protection. Save us Iya!

Prayer to Oshún for protection

To you powerful Oshún, African queen of the Yoruba pantheon, venerated in the Rule of Osha (Santeria) for your great power, this prayer is dedicated to you to ask for your protection and guidance, you who never fill up on offerings, praise and sweetness.

Hear our prayer, mother Oshún!

Goddess who has the name of a river and Queen of fresh waters.

You are not only queen of appearances, because Goddess and Saint of crown you are.

Kings, gods and warriors decked themselves to show themselves before your beauty and swaying golden hips.

With the light of your pumpkin lamp, you dance to the beat, rhythm and music of the springs, with that same light, we beg you to make our way.

Mother, you who are adorable with your children and your loves, forgive our failures, we know that when you get upset you are unforgiving, then all furious you start laughing and laughing you kill those who offend and discredit you.

Protect us from your anger and forgive our offenses!

My queen, I offer you with love what you like: the goat and the hen, also amber, bronze, yellow flowers and their wonderful aroma.

Five are your handkerchiefs that adorn your waist, five are your handles that shake and tinkle when you walk, you protect your body with essences of beautiful flowers and lots of honey.

You comb your long and wavy black hair as if you were dancing, with your tortoise shell comb adorned with stones.

We know that you cannot miss your mirror because you are beautiful and vain and in the heat your fan of sandalwood or peacock feathers refreshes your aura.   

Beautiful among the beautiful you are my mother, Queen among the queens, my dear mother.

Finally, beautiful mother, you who are also our blessed Cachita, the same Virgin of Charity of CopperCover us mother with your powerful golden mantle, we are always grateful for your blessings.

  • After invoking Oshún with this prayer to ask for his protection, we call him by ringing his golden bell and we say with respect: Yalodde Yeyé Kari! Yeyeo! Omoriyeyeo!

Short prayer to Oshún translated from Yoruba to Spanish:

Queen, God of all the rivers of the earth, where all the Orishas priests must be bañado, have happiness, Queen God with her skirt of five colors, carry my wealth and happiness.

  • You must be very careful with this sacred Orisha, because you never know when she is happy or angry. Oshún is one of the most dire messengers of God. Let us always ask with faith, respect and from the heart.

We recommend after the prayer to make an offering to Oshún:

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