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How do we ask the powerful and beautiful Oshún for a favor? Beautiful prayer

Prayer to Oshún to ask for a favor

Oshún is the owner of the river and the clear waters. Beautiful and sweet, smiling and sensual, in the yoruba pantheon she is the Orisha of femininity and love.

She is a loving goddess who defends her children at all times, but who can be severe and inflexible when she punishes, she does not tolerate injustice or disrespect.

She is the orisha of love within the Yoruba religion, benevolent, glamorous, elegant and beautiful woman who dances on the current of the river emanating love.

What requests can we make to the Yoruba queen Oshún?

Her children call Oshún to help them in matters of a very diverse nature, since the Orisha always supports those who show her their faith and their sincere affection, from the heart.

  • His advice and guidance are fundamentally requested in matters of love, concerning not only the couple, but also filial love, friendship.
  • Also to help us in economic matters because she is the goddess of gold and wealth.
  • We ask her, with her wisdom, to help us solve the various problems of this nature that arise in life, but above all she is asked for health and well-being.
  • She is implored for the safety of pregnant women and newborns and for the fertility of those who wish to conceive a child.

Oshún also guides his children and devotees along the paths of prosperity and abundance, granting them opportunities for professional success and economic success.

Pray to the Orisha of the Rivers How to ask Oshún for a favor?

Let us remember that in order to ask Oshún for a favor, we must know the offerings that she prefers, as they are also a way of thanking her for her protection and guidance.

She prefers among her favorite adimus (offerings):

  • Offerings of food such as gofio crowns with honey, molasses and candies.
  • Sweet oranges, chard, tamale, yellow rice and corn flour.
  • They offer him all kinds of sweets and the Ochinchin, the liturgical food that is offered to him in the river.
  • The Queen of the clear waters likes fish and shellfish such as eels, mapos, dajaos, catibos, guajacones, biajacas, guabinas, river shrimp and prawns.
  • She loves beautiful and shiny gifts, such as mirrors and combs, perfumes, fans, golden bracelets, because she is very vain.
  • He likes flowers, mainly sunflowers, yellow roses, buttercup, and all kinds of coins.

However, if you do not have to offer her, it will be enough to have faith, she will listen to you because Oshún knows your situation, and when everything improves, you will be able to offer her what she adores.

At the end of the article we share some of the offerings that you can make step by step.

Advice when asking for the guidance and protection of the beautiful Mother Oshún

We must know that our affection and our sincerity are very important when praying to Oshún to ask a favor, because the goddess likes the attention of her children and their honesty, so she always appreciates the displays of affection that come from the heart of his devotees.

We must not only pray to him for his help, but also like a mother, we must tell him our joys, hopes and goals and always remember to thank him for his guidance, his advice, his strength and his immense protection.

We can go to pray to him at the water's edge and thus speak to him from his natural temple.

But we can also dedicate an altar to honor her, decorated with her favorite attributes, with yellow and gold fabrics, candles of a similar hue and beautiful sunflowers, preferably 5 of them.

The Prayer to Oshún to ask for a favor is a beautiful prayer full of energy to make the goddess that request that we wish.

Powerful prayer to Oshún to ask the goddess for a favor

First we light a white, yellow or gold candle to the goddess, and thus we can dedicate the following prayer to request her favor:

Oh mother Oshún who full of understanding you find

Brave woman who undertakes uncertain paths and before your presence men flee.

Marvelous Oshún, a brave river that no kingdom has managed to dry up or exhaust.

You my mother Oshún the woman who cannot be defeated.

My gentle and courageous mother, the one that the secret cult knows and keeps for itself.

Queen of the River, from your cool throne bless me and take care of me.

Help me mother in (Say the request or situation)

You who can do everything, do not abandon me, Ashe.

We share some very nice offerings for Oshún:

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