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Prayer to the lookout Osun to guide us and avoid "bad decisions"

Osun is a major orisha of the Yoruba pantheon, which represents life itself. He is the watchman of the Ocha, the one who prevents evils.

In the Yoruba religion, the Patakí say that he was also a messenger of the Father Orisha Obatalá, until he failed in his duties as a watchman and lost his position.

Since then he watches carefully so that an error never occurs near him again and from on high he controls the head that guides men on earth.

Osun is an Osha from Orisha Oddé's group, commonly called Los Guerreros, along with Elegguá the owner of the road, Oggún the lord of iron and Oshosi the vigilante who carries a bow and arrow.

He is the guardian of the heads of the believers and is the custodian and spiritual guide of each one. It is Osun who always warns Osha against bad decisions and for this reason he is considered a watchman, guardian and protector.

How do we ask to Osun to provide us with his protection?

Osun santeria
Representation of Osun in the Rule of Osha Ifá

Osun represents the verticality of the human being on the earth and therefore its foundation must never lie down or lie down.

If it falls, it is a bad omen and can warn of a near death and if the one who owns it dies, Osun must go with him.

As a counselor and watchdog, we pray to Osun for his guidance never to go astray. We ask you to advise us on the best ways to obtain love, health and prosperity and to protect us against false ideas.

We pray to Osun with great faith and respect, in a quiet and secluded place, from which we can communicate with the Orisha and ask him to always watch our path and keep it free from obstacles.

I pray to the guardian Osun to intercede and free us from dangers

  • So we pray with this prayer to Osun to help us avoid bad decisions:

Great Osun, you who watch the world and warn of regrets

You who advise on the best way to go and who symbolizes vitality, strength and health

Help me Osun, my custodian and spiritual guide, my guardian and protector

And always warn me about bad decisions, betrayals, and false friendships.

O Great Osun! Let this, your faithful devotee, see his path in life free from danger. And give me the strength to make amends for my mistakes and transform them into triumphs.

I thank you, my King, representative of life itself, for your advice, your warnings and your guidance, to make the path easier to reach my destination.

I ask you, Osun, great Warrior of the Ocha, to remove the shadow of death and disease from me, and to remove the evil that lurks over me.

That you protect me and mine and give me strength and courage to face the challenges that lie ahead

Thank you, Osun, for your eternal advice,

So be it

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