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Prayer to Oyá for protection and thanks

Prayer to Oyá for protection

Mother Oyá She is a defiant warrior who works with the dead, she lives in the crackle of drums, she is the black tempest disguised as a beautiful rainbow, she is the evil wind that blows in the darkness.  

We invoke it with great respect by touching the ground and saying Jekúa Jey Yanzá.

She wears a crown on her head and long lightning braids, her jet-black eyes are menacing. Goddess who lives in fire and dances as if casting sparks.

Her walk is challenging, the bells of her skirt ring with which she sweeps life as she walks, she twists in the rainbow and dances among the eddies.

She is afraid of lizards, but fights like a warrior with two swords.

Live in the silence of the cemetery, in caves and tombs and sleep in the dark night between all the winds of life.

I beg mother Oyá:

Divine Lady of the winds,

Divine lady of the storms, my plea is for you mother,

Justa Oyá, the one that never goes unnoticed, the queen of my life.

You have taught me that bad weather passes and ends, and that precede great victories.

Grant me the faith, the firmness and the wisdom to lead me and achieve such triumphs.

Prayer to Oyá

Prayer to Oyá translated from the Yoruba language to ask for protection:

Prayer to Oyá translated from the Yoruba language to ask for protection

Queen God of the market place, and the last resting place.

In the day, Heaven's mother,

Queen of the winds of death.

Queen of all spirits, saint with beautiful face.

Protect me from whirlwinds, and the queen of death from death, so ordained God.

Give me your blessings

Translated prayer to thank Oyá:

Eat store next door,

Mother by day, in heaven, wind of death whirling from on high,

Queen of all markets,

Woman owner of all spirits,

Owner of the disease,

Santa with the stripe on the pretty face, the wind market,

My mother 

Woman of great power, by command of God, to be queen of death.

Thank you.


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