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prayer to the mighty Oyá Yansa to thank you from the Cemetery

Prayer to Oyá yansa

Oyá Yansa is one of the most powerful orishas in the Yoruba pantheon., owner of the Centella, the one that rides the winds and provides us with oxygen to keep us alive.

We call upon the mother of eggunes and brave warrior in times of greatest need, requesting her protection against all danger, it is she who saves us from the worst enemies, from the darkness and evil of other human beings.

Goddess of thunder, lightning, tornadoes, winds, and hurricanes, who brings calm after fierce storms.

Oyá it is impetuous and is in charge of bringing rapid changes, which helps us in our internal and external transformations.

If we are going to go through a stage of sudden changes in our lives, it is always good to rely on the strength and determination of our mother. Oyá.

Why should we trust in the great power of the Goddess Oyá?

  1. Es Oyá the guardian of the kingdom between life and death and that is why she is always in the cemetery, guarding her entrance.
  2. She is considered the orisha of spiritual communication, funerals and graves, but also Goddess of clairvoyance, psychic abilities, intuition and rebirth.
  3. She represents the intensity of gloomy feelings, the world of the dead.
  4. Oyá Yansa is also known as the protector and guardian of the witches, queen of the spirits that must take their course. She is one of the death goddesses along with Yewá and Obba, and between them they guide the souls towards the light.
  5. It is said that when she is angry, Oyá She is the Wild Warrior who can destroy everything with her powerful lightning bolt. However, she is also a benevolent, protective mother, able to put an end to all injustice and deception.
  6. Thus, she will always protect her children and devotees from any evil and danger, driving away her enemies and rolling them with the light of her spark.  
  7. Oyá she is capable of anything if it is necessary for the protection of those she considers dear, she will only accept, act and speak with the truth.
  8. It represents the reincarnation of the ancestors, the lack of memory and the feeling of regret in the woman. And she is a strong and confident warrior, but also delicate and with fragile feelings.
  • Its name comes from Yorùbá Òyá (Oló: owner - Oya: Darkness) also known as Yansá del Yorùbá Iyámsá (Iyá: mother -Omó: children - Mesá: nine)

What do we ask of the Warrior Queen Oyá?

Because of the great ashé and power of this goddess, we call upon the Queen of the Centella to ask her for strength, leadership, authority, courage, justice, and protection in natural disasters.

We venerate her in ancestor worship, in moments of pain, and we ask for her powerful protection always against threats, illness, dangers and injustices.

Oyá she is protective and fundamentally comes to the aid of women who are leaders, with whom she shares her strength and vigour.

In Yoruba legends, the goddess always faced her enemies as just another warrior, with strength and impetuosity, so she recognizes the ability of women to function in today's society and supports them, giving them her immense guidance and protection.

But we must always bear in mind that Oyá she must be treated with respect and care and we should only go to her with honest intentions, as well as showing a lot of faith and trust.

Our prayers for the Queen of the Centella must contain positive requests and we must never request evil for anyone.

Thus, we will know that Oyá Yansa is a powerful ally that we can turn to at any time and in any situation, however difficult it may be.

A Oyá we entrust ourselves with faith and love:

However, he also likes his devotees to be grateful and show their affection.

And although we can ask him, thank him and beg him anywhere we want, we must take the time to go and thank him. Oyá from his temple, the cemetery.

There we invoke her and speak to her like a mother, with great devotion and faith, thanking her for all the good things she has brought into our lives.

Let us remember that, among his offerings, Oyá loves finding shea butter. He also loves aubergines, grape wine, grapes, gin, rum, cola nuts, rooster, chicken, porridge, fruit, and fish.

When we go to pray to her, we can also present these offerings to her as a thank you to show the goddess our trust and love.

So we pray with this prayer to Oyá Yansa, to thank you

Trust in the power of Prayer to Oyá Yansa:

Oyá strong and warrior woman, Queen of the Centella and of the hurricane winds

You who bring change and protection, who take your children by the hand and take care of them from dangers and difficulties

Orisha who leads the hordes of warriors and you fear nothing, queen of the wind of death, woman who has the power to make all the eddies,

Today I go to your temple to thank you for all your favors, to thank you for the immense protection you grant me and mine

My queen, you who take away the bad and do not allow obstacles to hinder my steps,

Thank you mother Oyá, for keeping sickness and disease away from my house,

Receive our immense respect and gratitude, You, queen who speaks with your spark, brave as no woman, terrible against your enemies

I go to the cemetery today to look for you, Mother, to thank you for sending me good winds,

For taking away from me the sorrows and sorrows, the troubles and weaknesses,

Thank you for the strength and positive energy, for warding off evil and lighting my way to always find good things

I thank you Oyá, for keeping my enemies away and for not allowing their ill wishes to reach me. Thank you for fighting and interceding for me in the face of injustice.

Thank you Mother Yansa, for allowing my life to be a peaceful path, full of love, happiness and joy, and for giving me a happy and prosperous family.

Oyá Guardian and Mother, may your rays always protect my home and keep all members of the family, giving us joy, happiness and good spirits,

Drive away the wind of death, with your iruke and your sword, drive away pain and disease.

Protect me from evil and divert sorrows from my path

May your eternal guide enlighten us, Goddess, so that darkness will never overtake us

I say thank you OyáSo be it, Ashe.

Some of the powerful offerings you can give to Oyá:

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