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Prayer to Ozain to thank him from his natural temple Mount

Prayer to Ozain

It's Osain del Monte, the Orisha to whom we ask for help and protection against disease and illness.

He is prayed above all to ward off evil, using the properties of nature itself.

If we are going to use natural remedies, we entrust ourselves to this Orisha looking for her support to grant us the ashé of herbs and thus drive away the negative energies that surround us.

But we must know that Osain is an extremely proud Orisha and he likes that his devotees also seek him out to thank him for his blessings, for his support in curing diseases and caring on the path of life.

We must also know that he likes the offerings of goat, jicotea, rooster, griffin and talking birds. Also, he loves smoking and tobacco smoke.

Why is it important to thank the God of nature Ozain?

Osain in the Yoruba religion is recognized as the Orisha who knows all the secrets and benefits that herbs and plants provide, and the powers and ashé they represent.

It is he, who has the energy and spiritual balance of the human being based on the knowledge that was provided by Olodumare and that is essential in all Ifá ceremonies.

Due to the great power that he represents in the Osha-Ifá Rule, he is an orisha who deserves respect, and gratitude should be offered to him for all the protections and virtues that nature gives us.

  • To talk to Osain, the best thing is to go to the mountain or the undergrowth, its natural temple and there meditate and pray in a low voice, thanking all that it has granted us.

Let us know that Osain is an Orisha who likes tranquility and solitude, so we must choose a secluded place within the mountains if we want to communicate directly with him.

Remember: We can NOT go to him with dishonest intentions, because he is proud and can punish us if he thinks we deceive him.añamos, much less bother him for no reason.  

So we pray to Ozain in gratitude to your blessings:

We must pray to him with faith from the heart, showing him true gratitude, from humility and love, he is just and will listen to our prayers.

This is a prayer of thanks to Osain del Monte for when we look for him in nature:

Great Osain, you who are nature itself and we owe it to you, you who grant us the immense gifts of Mother Earth

Great wise Orisha, you are balance and peace and with your powers you support the natural world that surrounds us.

Osain, you who heal diseases and ailments with the ashé of herbs, and do not allow your children to lose their way

You are great, My Father, Today I appear before you, not to ask you something, but to thank you, for all the good and kind that you put in my life

God of Nature, from your home, the mountain:

I give youI thank you for my body, for the water I drink, for the food, and for everything you give me

Thank you, Lord of the Mount, for all the wonderful things that come to my life through you, because you can heal to the depths of the soul

Osain, today I go to your natural temple, to thank you a thousand times for your immense protection, and that with your guiro sacred you have removed all diseases and ailments from me and mine

Thank you for every day, for the sun that shines, for the greenery of the plants, for the sparkle of the waters.

Thank you, powerful healer Father, for always keeping me safe and healthy, for ridding me of all evil and protecting me from the evil desires of others., me and my family

And just as for so many years you have filled me with blessings, I hope I can continue to count on your divine presence in my life.

This is my prayer of thanks that comes from the depths of my heart, words are not enough to show you, Osain, my devotion and my love

Thanks, Dad, So be it

Learn more about the mighty Osain del Monte:

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