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To San Alberto Hurtado, a prayer to the Patron Saint of the Underprivileged

Prayer to Saint Alberto Hurtado

Alberto Hurtado He was born into a humble family devoted to Christ, during his youth he received a degree as a lawyer, and later he served as a legislator and a Jesuit.

He dedicated his life to carrying out works to improve the lives of the underprivileged in Chile.

He worked as a teacher instilling in his disciples the Christian values ​​of:

  • The honesty,
  • consecration and
  • sacrifice to achieve dreams.

He is considered the patron saint of workers in Chile and poor children.

One of its main missions was to bring the Church closer to the youth and the poorest and to sow in them the seed of faith and refuge from adversity in Christ.

John Paul II beatified him on October 16, 1994 and was later canonized by Benedict XVI.

When is Father Hurtado celebrated?

His holiday It is celebrated every year on August 18, a day that is known in the Christian world as the day of solidarity, as this is one of the main virtues of San Alberto Hurtado.

How to pray to Saint Albert? A mighty prayer

We can find San Alberto Hurtado in every good deed that we selflessly perform, because despite being a saint who has been placed on an altar, he always preferred to be with the poor in the middle of the streets helping those in need.

The prayer that we offer below is dedicated to the patron of the underprivileged, so that his work and greatness embrace the world and justice is done to his Christian work.

It is a prayer where justice and faith stand out above all things, where humility is the guarantee of achieving great actions and through the example of San Hurtado we can be more human and less selfish.

Prayer to honor Saint Alberto Hurtado

Apostle of Jesus Christ, servant of the poor,

Friend of the children and teacher of youths,

We bless our God for your passage among us.

You knew how to love and serve.

You were a prophet of justice and a refuge for the most helpless.

You lovingly built a home to welcome Christ.

Like a true father, you call us to live a committed, consistent and supportive faith.

You guide us with enthusiasm in following the Master.

You lead us to the Savior our world needs.

Make us always live happily even in the midst of difficulties.

Make us know how to overcome selfishness and give our lives to the brothers.

Father Hurtado, Son of Mary and of the Church, Friend of God and of men,

Pray for all of us. Amen.

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