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I pray to Saint Ambrose Father Redeemer forgive our faults and miseries!

Prayer to Saint Ambrose

Saint Ambrose of Milan He was a bishop, theologian and orator who stood out above his peers for exerting kindness and understanding on those who came before him in an act of secret confession.

Among his virtues was the founding of the Latin Church and obtaining the title of Doctor of the Catholic Church.

Why is the prayer of Saint Ambrose invoked?

Saint Ambrose is a holy redeemer, under his mantle atonement for sins is obtained, seeking to foster in the religious the conscience of the faith and love for the Catholic religion.

Through this prayer, man hands over his fears and concerns to the Savior, rejoicing in his infinite mercy.

Prayer to Saint Ambrose to repent of sins before God

My Lord Jesus Christ, I approach your altar full of fear for my sins, but also full of confidence because I am sure of your mercy.

I am aware that my sins are many and that I have not been able to control my heart and my tongue.

For this reason, Lord of goodness and power, with my miseries and fears I draw near to you, source of mercy and forgiveness; I come to take refuge in you, who has given your life to save me.

Before you come as a judge to hold me accountable, Lord, I am not ashamed to reveal my wounds to you.

I am afraid of my sins, whose number and magnitude only You know; but I trust in your infinite mercy.

My Lord Jesus Christ, eternal King, God and true man, look at me with love, because you wanted to become a man to die for us.

Listen to me, because I hope in you. Have compassion for my sins and miseries, You who are an inexhaustible source of love.

I adore you, Lord, because you gave your life on the cross and offered yourself there as redeemer for all men and especially for me.

I adore, Lord, the precious blood that flowed from your wounds and has purified the world of its sins.

Look, Lord, at this poor sinner, created and redeemed by you.

I repent of my sins and propose to correct their consequences.

Purify me of all my evils so that I may receive your Holy Communion less unworthily.

May your body and your blood help me, Lord, to obtain from you the forgiveness of my sins and the satisfaction of my faults; free me from my bad thoughts, renew in me holy feelings, impel me to do your will and protect me in all danger of soul and body.


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