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My Saint Anthony of Padua, with this prayer Grant me what I ask of you!

Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua for a miracle

The prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua for a miracle, favor or request it is very effective and powerful.

But we must put a lot of faith in him, and act with humility, for this in his name we light a white candle and we ask him to intercede for us.

Whether we want to invoke him for difficult and urgent cases, to ask for a favor in desperate times, for impossible causes, to regain a love, or to find what was lost, we must know that we have to be respectful.

The Saint of Padua is sometimes put to penance, turning him upside down, but this is incorrect and disrespectful.

It is not a punishment for the saint, but a fault on our part.

Let us always act with love, and even when the roads close we must be grateful because in this life everything happens for something, and more if the divine intercedes for us.

10 Qualities and characteristics that we should know about Saint Anthony of Padua

  1. In reality, this saint was called Fernando de Bulloes y Taveira de Azevedo, but in his youth, when he became a Franciscan, he was called Antonio.
  2. He had a clear and strong voice when preaching to his devotees and disciples, he possessed a prodigious memory and great wisdom, and above all he possessed the gift of working miracles.
  3. Usually it is invoked to intercede in matters of love, to recover a person or attract them, the same reason why some put their image upside down, however, this is disrespectful and is not a religious ritual.
  4. One of the most famous miracles related to this Saint occurred in Padua, where Saint Anthony miraculously joined the foot to the body of a devotee, who had cut himself for having mistreated his own mother.
  5. Saint Anthony of Padua used to say this beautiful and thoughtful phrase:

«If you preach Jesus, He softens hard hearts; If you invoke him, he sweetens bitter temptations; If you think about Him, it lights up your heart; If you read it, it satisfies your mind.

  1. His feast is celebrated on June 13, the date on which he must venerate and give thanks.
  2. Due to the miracles that have been attributed to him, he is considered a very miraculous saint, in addition to being known as “the saint of the whole world”, which is why he is the patron saint of the poor, travelers, bricklayers, bakers and stationers.
  3. Saint Anthony is represented with the Child Jesus in his arms because the saint was seen contemplating and carrying in his arms a very beautiful child Jesus.
  4. His canonization was the fastest in history, it was Pope Gregory IX who canonized him in less than a year after his death.  
  5. Leo XII called him "the Saint of the whole world" this is because in many parts of the world his deity is venerated.

Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua for a miracle and asking for a favor

“Oh great and beloved Saint Anthony of Padua”

Tu love of God and neighbor, your example of Christian life, has made you one of the greatest saints in the Church.

I beg you to take under your valuable protection my occupations, efforts and my whole life.

I am convinced that no harm can happen to me while I am under your protection.

Protect me and defend me, because I am a poor sinner (grant me what I ask of you).

Communicate my needs and present yourself as my mediator to God, whom you love so much.

May he, through your merit, increase my faith and my charity, comfort me in my sufferings, free me from all evil and do not let me succumb to temptation.

O mighty God, deliver me from all danger of body and soul.

Continuously helped by you, may he live with health, love and many open roads.


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