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A miraculous prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua to find what was lost

Prayer to Saint Anthony to find what was lost

San Antonio de Padua Also known as Saint Anthony of Lisbon, he was a Portuguese theologian, preacher and monk. We call him to find the lost things in our life.

He is the most rapidly canonized person by the Catholic Church, only 352 days after his death, due to the immense number of miracles attributed to him.

It is said that Saint Anthony of Padua could be heard by the fish and that he carried the baby Jesus in his arms during one night.

Also, he found any targets that people had missed.

It is known today as "the saint of the whole world", because his devotion has spread to many countries and is the patron of:

  • Sterile women,
  • poor, sick and needy,
  • travelers and sailors,
  • bricklayers,
  • bakers and
  • paper racks.

When and how do we invoke the Saint of Padua?

As we explained, it is usually invoked to find lost objects, since that gift characterized its existence. Many of the faithful even ask him to help them find love again.

We not only refer to lost things or objects, but to all kinds of feelings, people or situations that have taken us away from what we want or need.

  • With this prayer to Saint Anthony To find the lost we can invoke the saint, for example, to recover love, a job, relationships with a family member, the good paths in life, peace or stability that we so desire.

The prayers to Saint Anthony of Padua are powerful, but we must always pray them with great faith and trust that the saint will find that which is so dear to us that we lost.

  1. We can light a white candle in his name and offer him that light to invoke him.
  2. Let's choose a time of day when we are alone, a quiet and peaceful place.
  3. Let's meditate on what we want to find, let it be from the heart and with faith.

I pray to Saint Anthony of Padua to find something very valuable that we have lost

Glorious Saint Anthony, you have exercised the divine power to find that which has been lost.

You who have always listened to the requests of your devotees with patience and love,

Allow me to find what I have lost and in this way teach me the presence of your goodness.

Nothing will harm me while I am under your protection, so I ask you to console my affliction,

My Saint, what I lost today means a lot to me and to the well-being of my family, that is why I ask you, listen to my prayers and give it back to me.

Don't forsake me, Immense Saint Anthony, don't let the darkness blind my eyes and put obstacles in my way

Help me see with your light, and give me the wisdom to remember what I am overlooking

Thank you My saint, I know that you will not abandon me in this great need and that you will listen to my request


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