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We pray to Saint Anthony of Padua for the return of the loved one and the union

Prayer to Saint Anthony for the return of the loved one

I implore you dear Saint Anthony that you link, that you love that your unitary love our spirits and our hearts forever

So says a part of this powerful prayer that seeks the union of love, so that everything flows in our favor, removing the pain that this anguish causes us.

Saint Anthony of padua, the saint of the whole world and to whom we pray before every need.

This is how many faithful of the Catholic Church recognize him, who pray to this Portuguese theologian, preacher and monk, the person most quickly canonized by the Catholic Church.

Thousands of miracles are attributed to Saint Anthony of Padua that include numerous questions from the lives of the devotees such as:

  • Health, to keep us healthy and ward off diseases
  • Prosperity, fortune and may everything flow positively
  • Love, strengthen unions and recover what was lost

Saint Anthony of Padua is the patron saint of Lisbon, Padua, and many of the great cities of the world, due to the immense Catholic devotion to his figure.

In addition, he is considered the patron of sterile, poor women, travelers, sailors, masons, bakers and stationers.

When and how do we invoke Saint Anthony of Padua?

It is also usually invoke to find things we lost and we don't just refer to objects. We can call him to help us in the search for luck, happiness or love.

We can invoke the saint of Padua when our need distresses us, in matters of love he is invoked to call me immediately, to reconcile a couple, to find a boyfriend, to attract the love of a man or woman, even of his former partner, also for my loved one to return, find love, and even recover an impossible and difficult love.

In matrimonial matters, it is asked for my husband or wife to return, it is also requested to attract true love, and to fall in love with me, to tie, dominate, and conquer, to unite two people, and to love me .

And since he is the saint of lost things, we also ask him for a person to appear, to ask for a special favor, and especially if you are looking for miracles in difficult and urgent cases.

What color of candle does the Saint light?

Saint Anthony of Padua is lit a candle of a different color according to the reason for our request:

  • A brown candle for special requests
  • green candle for financial aid
  • orange candle to find a love

Prayer for a lost love: to San Antonio so that the loved one can return

The powerful prayer to Saint Anthony, the saint of miracles and blessings, to return a love to us, asks for the necessary help so that the saint helps us find that special person and return her to our side.

If we ask for this miracle in prayer, with faith and hope in Saint Anthony, he will respond and help us, because he is a kind and merciful saint capable of making great requests.

This is the prayer to Saint Anthony to recover an impossible love.

Oh, majestic and powerful Saint Anthony.

Whom God chose as our intervener

today I come to you to help me solve a problem that torments me and strikes my broken heart.

O glorious and dear Saint Anthony blessed protector and bestower of love to lovers,

I ask you to intervene and make for me, a union and reconciliation

Saint Anthony, I beg you to remove from his mind (name of our love) all doubt, jealousy, anger, reproaches and anguish that are the cause of the distance between us,

Put in his mind our good memories, show him all the love that kept us together in those moments

Lord of luck, make him abandon his pride and forget the reasons for our distance, make him pick up the true love to which we both gave ourselves day after day.

You, who are able to find lost objects and who integrate peace and tranquility in couples,

grant me the bliss of reconciliation and the grace of harmony with (name of our love)

Saint Anthony, miraculous saint, help me, I implore for help:

protect our relationship with your protection and do not allow absolutely no one to hinder our lives,

save me, I implore you with my soul and my heart, in this great complication

I implore you dear Saint Anthony that you link, that you love that your unitary love our spirits and our hearts forever

so that we become just one, and don't let someone or something be able to pull us away.

Saint Anthony, my beloved father, do not ignore or deviate my hopeful request, today, more than ever, I need you,


Some rituals to sweeten and attract a person:

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