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Do you know the prayer to Saint Unmaker to undo evils and enemies?

Prayer to Saint Unmaker to undo evils

Saint Unmaker He is a saint who, although not recognized by the Catholic Church, is revered for reversing and undoing ills of the body and mind.

Whether they are spells, witchcraft or evil eyes, it is capable of fighting evil and reversing it against enemies and those people who want us badly.

Evil and dark spirits, negative energies and evil influences disappear in the presence of your prayers.

How do we ask Saint Unmaker?

We ask Saint Unmaker:

  • Justice against the curses of enemies,
  • for love and the union of couples,
  • to attract happiness and good,
  • and above all to purify and cleanse our environment of dangers and anguish.

Before invoking the saint with your prayer to undo all kinds of evil that comes close to us, activate your spirituality and confidence.

When you go to say this prayer, choose a time when you are alone, calmly and without anyone interrupting you so that everything goes smoothly.

If there is any kind of curse or evil against your mind, body or spirit, this effective prayer will cleanse you of bad influences.  

For this prayer you can use a candle or candle, it can be white, and when it goes in the middle you turn it.  

Prayer to dominate evil and the enemies who want us badly:

Oh! Mighty "Saint Unmaker", Justice of evil and greed!

Today I come humiliated at your feet to ask your permission.

Offering you the fumes and ashes of this tobacco upside down, so that, just as the fumes of this tobacco are disposed of, so my enemies and my opponents, man or woman, are undone, all the bad things they are doing against my body, soul and spirit.

Saint Unmaker! Glorious hero of evil and injustice, I want that as I have come humiliated before you.

So I want everyone, my enemies and opponents, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, with these three blessed words I call my enemies to come humbled at my feet as Satan came at the feet of Saint Michael.

Have eyes and do not see me,

have hearts and be prisoners,

senses and do not feel me,

ears and do not hear me,

hold hands and don't take me,

have feet and do not reach me,

knives have and do not cut,

carbine and their mouths fill with water and don't talk to me.

Saint Unmaker, get rid of me, everything that has been done to me, is doing or wants to do. That anyone who claims to have something against me, get rid of that idea and be sorry.

Saint Unmaker, saint of great power, undo that idea to whoever my enemy wants to be. Amen.

Three Creeds are said, 2 Our Fathers and 1 Hail Mary.

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