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Prayer to Saint Francis of Assisi

Prayer to Saint Francis of Assisi

Discover in prayer a path full of tranquility and peace, throw your voice to heaven, seek humility within yourself.

Praying is a powerful tool to achieve joy in your heart and offers wonderful results in what you want so much.

Never lose faith, do not allow the darkness to seize you, let the wonderful light that you are flourish.

I wish this prayer relieve your anguish and cease your painRemember that there is nothing lost, absolutely everything in this life is solvable.

Prayer to Saint Francis of Assisi to make a special request:

Seraphic my Father,

prodigy of holiness, wonder of the Atlantean grace of heaven, amazement of the world, living image of Jesus Christ, apostolic man, judge of understandings, martyr of wishes, sustenance of faith, sword against heretics, creed of the wonders of God,

Whom the brutes obey, the fish listen, the joyful birds celebrate, to whose voice the seas and elements surrender, and nature does not know its laws, seeing herself against their privileges subject;

the tombs tremble with so many wonders, who throw alive those who hid the dead.

World repairman that as a sound clarion of the gospel with the lights of our teaching you exhorted and converted princes, magistrates towns and cities.

Glass of choice, comfort of the afflicted, patriarch of the poor, staff of elders, patron of widows, orphan defense, sick medicine, Minister of the Holy Trinity,

angel, seraph, patriarch, prophet, confessor, virgin and ensign of Jesus Christ.

Church column in whom standing our redeemer deposited the triumphs and signs of our redemption.

I beg of you, that by the merits of our lord Jesus christ and through your intercession, you reach us the favors we ask of you in this prayer, if it is for the greater honor and glory of God our Lord,

in whose will we resign ourselves, according that our desire is to see him, our fear of losing him, our pain does not enjoy him, our joy to love him,

the life of our soul is his grace, which we wish him to praise him eternally in glory.


 ? It is recommended to wear a medal or magisterial detente St. Francis of Assisi during the recitation of this prayer.

San Francisco de Asís and Orula in the Afro-Cuban religion

In Cuba, the saint San Francisco de Asís, due to the process of syncretization of the Yoruba and Catholic religions, adopted the name of an African Orisha: orula.

On the island both deities are very dear and have many devotees. They attribute qualities such as wisdom, great counselors, and healers.

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