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Saint John the Baptist, the Forerunner of Christ: 2 Powerful Prayers to the Saint

Prayer to Saint John the Baptist

San Juan Bautista he has been revered as an important prophet in various religions in which he has been represented.

This man is considered by the Catholic Church as the forerunner of Christ and the main mentor of who years later became the father of humanity.

It was precisely Saint John the Baptist who baptized Jesus, since he used baptism as the central sacrament of his doctrine, endowing with the same act the repentant with the virtue of atoning for his faults and obtaining forgiveness of his sins.

Patron Saint Saint John the Baptist: A man of faith

Saint John the Baptist is one of the most cited men in the sacred scriptures.

Where his messages of faith and love for his neighbor inspired Jesus years later, on the way to the salvation of humanity through his own sacrifice.

  • June 24 is recognized as the day that the birth of Saint John the Baptist took place, while August 29 is the date on which his death is recognized.

Currently on both occasions the religious people celebrate with joy the greatness and knowledge of this martyr, who is still alive in the thought and in the hearts of those who with devotion chose to uphold his teachings and continue his path.

Prayer to ask John the Baptist for protection

Oh, glorious Saint John the Baptist, have pity on this heartbroken soul, who placed her hopes in you, I pray you deliver her from her miseries.

Holy forerunner of Jesus Christ, almighty prince of heaven, grant me the grace that I request from you, as well as your blessed protection.

Prayer to invoke Saint John the Baptist and make a special request

Blessed Saint John the Baptist, who was chosen to announce to men the coming of the kingdom of Christ, guide our steps on the paths of justice and peace and obtain his mercy and forgiveness from the Lord.

Glorious Saint John the Baptist, forerunner of my Lord Jesus Christ.

Beautiful star of the best sun, trumpet of heaven, voice of the eternal word, get me your benevolence and blessing from the Lord.

You, who are the greatest of the saints and ensign to the King of Glory, who are more a child of grace than nature and for all reasons, the most powerful prince in Heaven, get your mercy and protection from the Lord.

Glorious Saint John the Baptist, today in my despair I beg you to help me in these hard times, I need your valuable help to solve my sorrows and miseries, mediate before the sun to grant me (Make request).

I ask you invincible martyr not to ignore my pains and because of the privileges with which God enriched you, God ensures that my request is granted as soon as possible if it is convenient for my salvation and if not, a perfect resignation, with abundant grace, that, making me friends with God assure me the eternal happiness of glory. Amen.

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