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Beautiful prayer in intercession for the sick to Saint John of God

Prayer to Saint John of God for health

John of the Sick It was the name with which the people baptized Saint John of God.

Saint who in life worked as a nurse and on whom the founding of the Hospital Order that would bear his name would fall years later.

For his unwavering work as a toilet, Juan won the love and respect of all the men and women who were touched by his hands.

The same ones who assured that they had supernatural powers, referring to their touch as holy, since they reported feeling improvement after being blessed with their hands.

Why do we pray to the glorious Saint John?

Saint John of God is prayed to ask his intercession before God for the sick and helpless, so that the much-needed health may be restored in them and that with it their recovery may come.

  • The sentence should be read by a single person in front of the patient, clearly pronouncing their full name.

Powerful prayer to Saint John of God for health

O blessed Father Juan, a model of charity, may your mediation obtain for us, that spirit of charity that covers a multitude of sins.

Pray for us holy father Saint John of God, so that we may be worthy of the promises of Christ.

Oh God you have blessed by burning with love for you, to walk unharmed through the flames and through Saint John you have enriched your church with a new religious family.

May, with the help of his merits, our sins can be burned by the fire of your love and eternal remedies can come to us and to the sick.

Saint John of God you are patron and compassionate of the sick, protect all those who suffer from diseases or are disturbed in any way.

I turn to you with great confidence in my time of need.

I ask you Saint John to speak with Jesus on behalf of this sick person (mention the person's full name) God will listen to you because you tried to be like him, in the compassion and love you had for people in need.

I beg you, Saint John, to lend influence over the sick, so that health may come to them and healing may be granted according to the will of God.

Help me to strengthen my faith, my hope and my love, for Jesus and his mother Mary, for whom you had a special love, for the glory of the father, the son and the holy spirit.


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