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Prayers to Saint Lazarus, the most miraculous of all the Saints

Prayer to the miraculous Saint Lazarus

Saint Lazarus, the most miraculous of the saints, as many of his most faithful followers call him, is one of the deities that receives the most attention from the Cuban population.

Saint Lazarus or the Orisha Babalu AyeSince both images are syncretized in the hearts of Cubans, they are venerated in Cuba because they achieve miraculous cures.

And it is that San Lázaro Blessed, is the poor beggar represented as an old man who wears rags and uses a pair of crutches, with his legs full of sores and surrounded by dogs and Babalú Ayé, is the orisha of the Yoruba religion healer of leprosy , the smallpox, the venereal diseases, of the skin and in general of the plagues and the misery.

Therefore, the Prayers to San Lázaro and Babalú Ayé they are mainly related to health and the cure of serious diseases.

Prayers of faith, offerings and promises

Cuba pays tribute to San Lázaro and Babalú Ayé on December 17, in the Sanctuary located in El Rincón and in the Yoruba pantheon of each home.

The Cubans pray to Saint Lazarus every December 17 for cures, protection and health in general. For this many make promises and carry offerings to the Sanctuary.

Some walk without shoes or on their knees along the roads to the Shrine, others dress in sacks and jute and carry wheelbarrows full of offerings.

And there are many who become legends, because every year they drag a stone attached to their leg for kilometers until they reach the altar of the saint.

Offerings such as roasted corn, roasted corn cobs, burnt bread, fish and smoked hutía, coconuts, green coconuts are brought to Babalú Ayé, and bearded goats, guinea fowl, and pigeons are slaughtered.

Prayers to old Saint Lazarus asking for health

Many are those who make great sacrifices to implore healings from Saint Lazarus. The Prayers to the old man Lázaro They are always a force, an eternal hope for all Cubans, and for all their devotees in the world.

The crowds dressed in jute and purple, the altars in the houses, the candles, the offerings and even the closure of traffic on the roads through which one travels to the sanctuary, indicate the immense place that the saint occupies in the hearts and in the faith of the Cubans.

We offer one of the prayers to the Saint, remember to make this prayer with great faith and devotion to the old man, so merciful and kind that he will give you what you want from his heart.

Prayer to Miraculous Saint Lazarus:

Blessed Saint Lazarus,

my lawyer, my holy protector,

in you I put my trust,

in you I deposit my needs,

my worries and my anxieties,

my dreams and wishes,

and, knowing the many miracles

that through you have been worked,

knowing the goodness that springs from your hands

when with humility and faith you are asked,

today I come to you pleading,

asking for your mighty help and mercy.

Oh blessed Saint Lazarus, for the hope so sublime,

that sheltered your heart

to reach the crown of martyrdom,

and for that burning desire

to give your life for the One who gave it back to you

after having lost it,

grant me glorious Saint Lazarus

your valuable mediation,

pray for my wishes before the good Jesus,

your friend, brother and benefactor,

and asks that for his infinite mercy

grant me what I ask with all my heart

And so I can find relief in my despair:

(say with immense faith or what you want to achieve),

and if you think it is not convenient,

give me peace and tranquility to my soul

to wait resigned

the fulfillment of the divine will.

Saint Lazarus, glorious father of the poor,

I beg you, do not stop helping me,

be auspicious as you always do

and take my requests to the Lord as soon as possible,

give me your blessings and protection,

alleviate my sorrows and problems

and remove all evil and enemies from my life.

Through Jesus Christ, our brother and Lord.

So be it.

May this prayer to Saint Lazarus miraculous be heard, may the Saint bring you great health, and may he intercede before your prayer to calm your sorrows and afflictions that disturb your well-being.

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