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December 16, on the Eve of Saint Lazarus a prayer that opens roads

Prayer to Saint Lazarus to open paths

Saint Lazarus, patron saint of the poor and sick, the merciful and miraculous, whom everyone venerates praying for health, is celebrated in the Catholic liturgical calendar every December 17.

His image is venerated and adored by thousands of devotees who trust in his great power and the miracles that he grants, in Cuba great faith is placed in him, many are entrusted to him for the salvation of evils.

A little history of Santo Lázaro

Lázaro, brother of Saint Martha and Saint Mary Magdalene, was born in the city of Bethany (near Jerusalem) and according to legend, he was a great friend to the Savior and was fortunate to often offer him hospitality.

In the New Testament it is said that Lazarus, dead for four days and buried, was raised by Jesus.

The Gospel refers that Jesus told his disciples that Lazarus was only sleeping and that he was going to wake him up (John 11:11).

The disciples replied: "Lord, if you sleep, you will be healed", taking into account only physical sleep.

Jesus made it clear to them that Lazarus had died, but that they were still going to see him (John 11:14).

Later, they found Maria and Marta in mourning.

They had buried his brother four days before and even though Jesus had not come to help his dear friend, his faith in Him remained intact.

Thus, Jesus went to the tomb of Lazarus and raised him from the dead.

Prayer to Saint Lazarus to open paths: Venerating the old man

Catholics venerate the figure of Saint Lazarus as a friend of God and patron of the poor, the defenseless and the sick.

But he is also venerated as the beggar, the old man who goes on crutches and surrounded by dogs, this avatar is worshiped in Cuba, and in Santeria he joins the cult of Babalú Ayé, the orisha of the plagues.

To this saint in his various representations it is prayed:

  • Asking for his blessing so that he drives away the evils from the homes of the faithful.
  • Many times he is asked to open the paths of the devotees with his blessed hand to achieve better conditions in life, to advance without fear of diseases or pests.

We share a prayer to Saint Lazarus to ask him to open our paths, before lighting a white or purple candle and in front of a statuette or image he prays to him with faith:

Oh blessed Saint Lazarus!

Friend of God, bless my home, bless my family, bless my friends and all my loved ones.

You are the patron of the poor and the sick,

And that's why you can protect those most in need.

Today I pray for you, Saint Lazarus, so that, with your divine protection,

Open my ways and remove the evils and obstacles from the path of my life

May I not lack your help in these difficult times.

Protect me and mine from all suffering

Clear my way and help me move forward in peace, safely

You who do miracles, heal wounds, heal diseases,

I beg you to keep sickness out of my way

away from my body and my family, from everyone I love.

Thank you, blessed Saint Lazarus, for listening to my prayers


We share some powerful rituals on behalf of the old man Lázaro:

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