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Eliminate bad luck How to pray to Saint Lazarus? 5 tips

Prayer to Saint Lazarus to eliminate bad luck

Saint Lazarus is a powerful figure wrapped in myths and legends, due to miraculous healings, mixed fortunes and the justice he brings to his devotees.

His figure includes Saint Lazarus Blessed, canonized by the Roman Catholic Church, and Lazarus, a poor beggar who wears rags and uses a pair of crutches, with his legs full of sores and surrounded by dogs, helps others with his mercy.

In the Santeria or Rule of Osha its syncretism is united with Babalú Ayé, orisha of the Yoruba religion representative of:

  • Leprosy,
  • smallpox,
  • venereal and skin diseases and
  • in general of plagues and misery.

Orisha of great power that heals and has the power to unleash the worst diseases, for this reason he should be venerated with great respect, because our health depends on him.

These deities are known as granters of wealth and health, in addition, they are workers of great miracles on earth.

Why is the miraculous old man Saint Lazarus so powerful?

Saint Lazarus is a miraculous saint who receives the faith and devotion of numerous Catholic and Yoruba devotees.

Everyone keeps the miracles of San Lázaro and Babalú Ayé a secret, so that, as they explain, the luck that was granted to them does not go away.

There are many stories about cures of deadly diseases that brought many people back to healthy life.

Also, Saint Lazarus always comes to the aid of his devotees in desperate situations, no matter what happens he is merciful.

For this reason, a multitude of promises are heard on his day, every December 17, asking for the salvation and protection of the saint in these times of pandemic, in which people are affected by multiple problems.

prayers for good fortune How to do them?

On this occasion we are going to share the Prayer to Saint Lazarus to eliminate bad luck, but first we offer some advice:

  1. Choose a place full of peace, it can be in nature, for example, in the mountains or in your home, in a quiet space without noise.
  2. Light a white candle in his name or if you can purple, which is the color of the saint.
  3. If it has a representation or image, it can be placed in front of it when praying.
  4. There are many offerings that the saint likes, for example, purple flowers such as gladioli and the drink he prefers is dry wine, you can place it in a glass.
  5. The important thing is to do it with faith, you can repeat the prayer daily or when you need it.

Let us pray to Saint Lazarus to avoid and eliminate bad luck

We now propose a prayer to San Lázaro so that bad luck does not arrive or eliminate and then we share some offerings if you wish to venerate the holy orisha in this way.

O Father Saint Lazarus; blessed

Powerful protector of your devotees and faithful

You who placed all your faith in Jesus Christ to find redemption;

Blessed Saint Lazarus, you who do not abandon and prevent bad fortune from knocking on the door of your children

Today I ask you Lord, keep bad fortune and negative energy away from me, let the bad luck vanish

Bless me with clarity, with prosperity and with good fortune on my way

Take away from me everything that currently disturbs me and hurts me.

Cover me with your mantle; Blessed Saint Lazarus, and guide me with your light

Patron Saint of difficult, poor and abandoned cases, I mercifully bow down to beg you with all my faith

that you can grant me health, prosperity and well-being and all the good things of this life

Collect them in your mantle and make me worthy of your blessings, Amen.

Powerful rituals in the name of the old man that you can perform:

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