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3 Prayers to Saint Lazarus Blessed for the healing of our body and soul

Prayer to Saint Lazarus for healing

Es Saint Lazarus one of the most revered Catholic saints in Cuba, also seen in eternal syncretism with the Orisha of diseases in the Yoruba pantheon, Babalu Aye.

Saint Lazarus is today praised as a miracle worker and his cult attracts thousands of devotees due to the legends that abound about miraculous cures and incredible favors.

In San L√°zaro Bendito there is the confluence of San Lazaro, friend of Jesus, canonized by the Roman Catholic Church for the miracles he performed in life and Lazaro, a poor beggar represented as an old man who wears rags and uses a pair of crutches, with legs covered in sores and surrounded by dogs.

The latter is the image that usually represents the saint and the one that devotees carry the most, as a protective amulet that always cares for them.

It is said that Lazarus was the brother of Mary and Martha and a friend of Jesus and it was this who brought him back to life, four days after his death, which is considered one of the greatest miracles of Jesus Christ.

El Miraculous Saint Lazarus that is adored by thousands

He is the holy Catholic protector of the sick, since in life he suffered the effects of a cruel disease. Thousands of people in Cuba and the world come to him to implore him for his health and that of his family, bringing him offerings, flowers, candles and praying for his healing.

Generally it is requested to him for the sanitation and cure, mainly skin diseases and other contagious ones including epidemics and pandemics like the one facing the world today. Much is also implored for sick children.

In many places he is known as Miraculous Saint Lazarus or Patron of the Poor, as he is also asked to be generous and to support us until we reach stability.

San L√°zaro is also the patron saint of dogs, especially those that have no owner, the strays, because his image is always accompanied bya√Īaday of faithful dogs that surround him. For this reason, many also pray to him to take care of their pet and heal it in case of illness.

Prayers to Saint Lazarus for health and prosperity in the World

Prayer to Saint Lazarus for candle healing

Every December 17, the saint's day, many devotees keep promises and wear sackcloth in his honor. The pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of San L√°zaro in the Havana municipality of Boyeros to pay tribute, is dotted with samples of profound sacrifices made in honor of San L√°zaro.

Hundreds of those who make these sacrifices are made in the form of promises that are carried out every year every December 17, out of gratitude, faith or in exchange for the health or healing of a family member.

Months before the date, people are already traveling on Cuban roads, people dragging heavy objects, on their knees or barefoot in fulfillment of the promises, who have prayed to the deity of the Catholic religion and also to the representative of Afro-Cuban culture in the same figure. , asking them for that miracle they so badly need.

Others come to pay devotion to San L√°zaro dressed in jute and purple or yellow, elements that characterize San L√°zaro, in syncretism with Babal√ļ Ay√©.

In the Shrine, most of the people carry bouquets of flowers and candles that they leave at the feet of the saint and, prostrate on their knees, they ask him above all for health, but also for prosperity and permanent protection.

The Saint Saint Lazarus and the Orisha Babal√ļ Ay√©

In Cuba, San L√°zaro is syncretized with the Orisha Babal√ļ Ay√©, who in the Yoruba pantheon is an extremely powerful Orisha, representative of leprosy, smallpox, venereal diseases, of the skin and in general of plagues and misery.

Its name comes from the Yor√Ļb√° Bab√†l√ļa√≠y√© (father of the world), for its immense powers over life and death. In Africa it was known under the name of Sampon√° or Sakpat√°, for being smallpox and leprosy, deadly diseases.

Both figures, the Orisha and the Saint, are given devotion in the same cult that attracts thousands of people looking for a miracle.

3 Prayers to Saint Lazarus for healing ycura of diseases

Prayer to Saint Lazarus for healing and health

Prayers to Saint Lazarus They are aimed at curing diseases and protection. Many of these prayers are accompanieda√Īan of flowers and white, yellow or purple candles lit for the saint.

Devout Catholics go to a temple to pray to him, and others stand before an altar in their home and kneel asking for his eternal blessing to achieve relief and healing.

Let's see now, 2 prayers to ask Saint Lazarus for the cure of a disease:

Prayer dedicated to Saint Lazarus to ward off a disease

Dear patron and assistant to the poor and sick,

saint revered by all,

Protector of the poor, the sick and the helpless

With this prayer I ask for your help, and with the help of the Holy Spirit,

 may the Lord always protect me during illness and in health.

Saint Lazarus give me the strength to overcome all the temptations in the world.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


Prayer to Miraculous Saint Lazarus for health

Saint Lazarus, friend of Jesus Christ and brother and protector of those who suffer!

You, dear saint, who knew the pain of illness

To you who the visit of Jesus Christ gave you life back in Bethany,

Kindly welcome our supplications, when we implore your help in this hour of anguish.

Pray to the Eternal Father so that we have a serene and secure trust in the power of Jesus.

Miraculous Saint Lazarus, resurrected by the divine power of Jesus Christ,

we beg you for the sad moment of your agony

and for the infinite joy you experienced when Jesus with those sweet words ordered you to come out of the tomb,

that you intercede with the Divine Master so that through your mediation he will grant us what, trusting, we beg of you.


I pray to Saint Saint Lazarus to ask for his favor

Many people also come to San Lazaro asking for his blessing in desperate situations. Many are those who ask him for a miracle and ask for his urgent help.

Saint Lazarus protector of the sick,

Patron saint of the poor and unfortunate,

in you I put my trust,

in you I deposit my needs,

my worries and my anxieties,

my dreams and wishes,

and, connoisseur of the many miracles

that through you have been worked,

knowing the goodness that springs from your hands

when with humility and faith you are asked,

today I come to you pleading,

asking for your mighty help and mercy.

Saint Lazarus blessed, miracle worker

for the hope so sublime,

that sheltered your heart

to reach the crown of martyrdom,

and for that burning desire

to give your life for the One who gave it back to you

after having lost it,

grant me glorious Saint Lazarus

your valuable mediation,

pray for my wishes before the good Jesus,

your friend, brother and benefactor,

and asks that for his infinite mercy

grant me what I ask with all my heart

And so I can find relief in my despair:

(fervently express what you want to achieve),

and if you think it is not convenient,

give me peace and tranquility to my soul

to wait resigned

the fulfillment of the divine will.

Saint Lazarus, glorious father of the poor,

I beg you, do not stop helping me,

be auspicious as you always do

and take my requests to the Lord as soon as possible,

give me your blessings and protection,

alleviate my sorrows and problems

and remove all evil and enemies from my life.

Through Jesus Christ, our brother and Lord.

So be it.

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