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Prayer to Old Man San Lázaro who does not abandon us night or day

Miraculous Saint Lazarus

Saint LazarusThrough this miraculous prayer we ask you to take care of us and provide your protective mantle to walk fearlessly along the paths of life. Do not abandon us night or day, we know that you are merciful and will attend to our sorrows, ailments and complaints.

Whoever has this prayer will lose all his backwardness, and twenty days later the Patron will come in dreams to tell you what his luck will do, if he has faith in him, he will also be saved.

Miraculous Prayer to Saint Lazarus to open paths and ask for healing:

Saint Lazarus, patron saint of dogs:


Glorious Patron of the Poor, that in so many torments I see myself, just by calling your spirit give me what I want, and that you find May my ills be remedied just by saying this prayer:

In the Name of Saint Lazarus, may the good spirits help me and come to my aid, when I suffer from some evil or find myself in some danger, stop them, and they don't come to me,

and do SAINT LAZARUS, may your spirit be my faith, and may this serve as a proof of your protection for me and all who are by my side,

and that in you Patron, I find the strength that my matter needs to be able to carry these tests of this planet in which I haveabitawe and this path that must be passed, commanded by God Our Father,

Well, in you I put my faith to save me from these great delays and from my many sorrows that my subject has, sent by God Our Father,

Well, in you I put my faith so that you save me from this and give me comfort to my great evils and that for your courage I have another better future than the one I have,

and that in the name of SAINT LAZARUS evil spirits stay away from me with this protection;

SAINT LAZARUS with me, me with him;

him in front, me behind him so that everyone

make my ills disappear,

Glory to all.


May this miraculous prayer to Saint Lazarus help us to face problems, bring us health and bliss, so that the paths open in our path.

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