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Prayer to San Luis Beltrán against curses, diseases and the evil eye

Prayer to San Luis Beltrán against curses and diseases

This prayer is very special To pray it against the evil eye, at various times of the prayer the sign of the cross must be made (), and although in its verse it does not cite San Luis Beltrán it is attributed to this Saint.

Very used to ask for children, since they have a clean and innocent soul and are more vulnerable to picking up these negative feelings from other people, commonly called in Cuba «the evil eye«, where the person celebrates or praises, but inside has envy and wishes evil to the other.

Prayer of Saint Luis Beltrán for protection:



Creature of God, I conjure and bless you in the name of the Holy Trinity Father   Son   and Holy Spirit   three persons and a true essence and of the Virgin Mary Our Lady conceived without stain of original sin.

Virgin before childbirth   and in childbirth   and after the delivery and for the glorious Saint Gertrude your dear and respected wife, eleven thousand virgins, Lord Saint Joseph, Saint Roque and Saint Sebastian and for all the saints of your Heavenly Court.

For your glorious resurrection ✟  ascension , for your high and most holy mysteries that I believe and with truth I pray to your divine Majesty, putting as intercessor your Holy Mother our advocate, free, heal this afflicted creature of this disease, evil eyes, pain, accidents and fever and other any damage, injury or illness.

Amen Jesus ✟

Not looking at the unworthy person who prefers such a sacrosanct mystery with such good faith, I beg you Lord, for your honor and the devotion of those present, serve you by your mercy and mercy to heal and rid of this wound, sore, pain, tumor, disease , removing him from this part and place and do not allow your divine majesty, accident, corruption, or damage befall him, giving him health so that with it he can serve you and fulfill your most holy will.

Amen Jesus ✟

I heal you and I praise you, Jesus Christ Our Lord Redeemer heal you, bless you and do it in all your divine will.

Amen Jesus ✟

Consumption Est ✟ Consumption Est

Amen Jesus ✟

Expression "Consummātum est" used in the sentence is a Latin phrase used when going through a great pain or disaster, it literally means "it's over", "everything is finished" or "it is finished." The phrase is attributed to the last words of Christ on the cross.

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