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Powerful prayer to Saint Nicholas of Bari to make special requests

Prayer to Saint Nicholas of Bari for difficult cases

San Nicolás de Bari He is the intercessor of man before God, since he is the messenger in charge of transporting the requests of human beings before the creator's throne.

This prayer is especially important as it is a supplication that can be used at any time in the face of adversity.

Saint Nicholas the Christmas saint teaches human beings by example:

  • From the joy that is found in selflessly helping others,
  • of how necessary love and understanding are to overcome difficult times.

This is the miraculous prayer to Saint Nicholas of Bari for difficult cases

Saint Nicholas of Bari I desperately ask you to help me solve all my economic and work problems.

IAlso my sentimental problems, in general everything that afflicts me and takes me away from the happiness that is so necessary and that you help me in what I am asking you today (make the pertinent requests).

Through this prayer, Saint Nicholas of Bari raise my request to heaven, may my God listen to him and be merciful to me, and may he grant me what I am asking of you today, by his kind grace all this to me. lead to the path of good.

Saint Nicholas of Bari I ask you that we can experience how beneficial it is to have your intercession before God who can do everything, so that with his glory he helps us and directs us towards salvation.

We ask you to transmit the messages to him so that he favors us under his blessing.

We beg you to teach us to love our neighbor.

ETeach us also to have mercy, to help with good works, to hold up the name of God, to return in some way the sacrifice that he made for us on the cross.

Saint Nicholas of Bari, intercessor of great power, pray to God for us, grant us love, allow us to be better every day.

You are a blessed and merciful saint, allow us to converse with you and bless us, strengthen us to continue our days, help us with love and courage to fight for our dreams, grant us the gift of being patient with the trials that are presented to us.

Have understanding and mercy, give us your company, we love you as the Virgin Mary loves her children, you are autéAuthentic and real, thank you for raising to the creator the requests that we have made of you because we know that with your help our prayers will be answered and blessed. Amen.

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